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Living in the smack middle of one of the most economically depressed areas of the country, Northeast Louisiana, I’ve seen a bunch in my not so short lifetime… political makework programs, needless and wasteful bureaucracy, racial inequity, reverse racism, ignorance, un-education, welfare addiction, misunderstanding, rampant drug abuse, anti this, anti that, and just flat out being ignored by the powers that be.  Just about any problem an area could have, we’ve had it here.

Basically a conservative person, I’m often mystified by what goes on, not only here, but across the country.  Sometimes, no, often I’ll write about it.  Here you’ll find my opinion.

Feel free to post your comments, as I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions too. Please check back often!

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 Artical Index:

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Are you doing your part in La La Land? 4/04/08 – Environment, Economy, Global Warming

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The self serving self service of self servers… 3/27/08 Bias in reporting

What might have been… 3/26/08 Iraq

Jeremiah Wright… wrong. 3/25/08 Rev. Jeremiah Wright

FYI – Minimum Wage Increase 3/24/08 Recession, Inflation, and the ramifications of the rising minimum wage

Whatever happened to going to hell? 3/24/08 Morality in a modern world

Situational Unawareness 3/24/08 Illegal Immigration

The Blame of it all. 3/24/08 Bush, WMD’s, & Iraq


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