Eating Crawfish

8 03 2015

I was just reading that eating crawfish was rather complicated and one would need to be shown to understand. No they don’t. Eating cawfish isn’t that complicated.
Take the crawfish holding the head in one hand and the tail in the other. ‘Break’ the tail loose by moving it side to side and pull it free. Set the head aside. Separately the first band (you’ll know it when you see it) and discard. Pinch the tail by pressing with your thumb on the underside at the end of the tail. This will force the flesh loose from the exoskeleton (that be the hard shell). The yellow gooie looking stuff in the front that comes out of the ‘body’ is fat. Don’t worry, its really good and you eat it too. Pop it into your mouth either directly or by pulling it free. Chew. Swallow.
Now pick up the head. Place the ‘hollow’ left from where you removed the tail to your lips and suck in the spicy juice and fat as you squeeze the sides together. If there is one or more extra large claws present they my be separated and eaten also… there IS somewhat of an art to that. It will typically have some sweet flesh that can be worth the effort when your skilled at getting it.
Sounds complicated. It isn’t.
Eat up!




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