Funny story…

25 12 2012

Murry’s Christmas Eve

He sprang from his bed

Headed down the hall

Tripped over a heater cord

But he didn’t fall

He rounded the doorway

As quick as could be

He’d drank too much earlier

And he had to pee

As he finished his business

And started to flush

He felt the air change

It almost gave him a rush

He crept to the top of the staircase

To see what he could see

And there stood Santa

standing by his tree

Now the sight that he saw

Looking over the rail

Gave him such a fright

Down the stairway he fell

Down the long staircase

Bumpidee bump bump

He landed at the bottom

Just one great big lump

Santa rushed over

an took a quick look

At his bruises and bumps

And his broken left foot

Old St. Nick shook his head

Let out a deep sigh

All he could say was

“My my my”

Quick as that Santa touched his finger

To the side of his nose

Murry felt  funny feelings

That began at his toes

A feeling of warmth

Begin to rise

All through his body

Up to his eyes

Soon enough

And much to his surprise

Santa had healed him

And told him to rise

Murry said to Santa

“You fixed me right up

I thought I was a gone’er,

Here, let me stand up!”

Santa looked at Murry,

With a twinkle in his eye

Said, “Your really lucky,

I tell you no lie”

It wasn’t the first time

Santa would say

“That people have hurt themselves

when I’ve surprised them that way”

As a disciple of Jesus

Santa had the touch

That whenever he needed

He could heal someone up

“Santa I wasn’t sure

If I still really believed

I thought my eyes were playing tricks

That I had been deceived”

Santa just winked

“Now Murry” he said

as he moved cross the room,

“get your self back to bed.”

“Now tell everyone this story

if you think that you must

But they won’t believe you

in that you can trust!”

Murry was confused

at what Santa had said

He was dumbfounded

Left scratching his head

“Look now Murry,”

Santa would say,

“It’s Christmas morning

Near break of day”

“Last night you got into the eggnog

In fact you hit it real good!

You had promised you wouldn’t

But you knew that you would.”

“And every knows

what drinking will do.

Do you think they’ll believe

this story to be true?”

Murry quickly realized

Santa was right

No one would believe him

that he’d seen such a sight

He pondered for a moment

stared at the ground

And when he looked back

Santa was nowhere around

He decided right then

As he climbed up the stairs

What all that had happened

No one would care.

Who would believe

a tale such as this?

A far fetched story

A fable at best!

But he knew the truth

of what he had seen

And what he had done

And all in between

And how he had fallen

And landed in a lump

And Jesus through Santa

Had healed him right up

And now there he stood

at the foot of his bed

He knew that this story

was better left unsaid.

And he also made

as he climbed back in bed

A promise to himself

To himself he said

“Next year no eggnog

I’ll be as straight as can be

And if I see Santa again

Standing under my tree” 

“I’ll say look here Santa

I’m a changed man.

Do you think they’ll believe me now?

Now will they understand?”

But he knew in his heart

That it couldn’t be

He wouldn’t see Santa

Standing under his tree

Just how often does

One get to see

Santa Claus standing there

Admiring their tree?

He knew in his heart

what all this had meant

And that it would be

just a onetime event.

And so he lay there

and he closed his eyes

It was really late

and all he could do was sigh

Then it hit him again

That feeling you see

He had drank too much

And needed to pee…

Well, that was Murry’s Christmas

at least his Christmas Eve.

A story that I ponder

Just what do YOU believe?

Did he really see the fat man

from the tip top of his stairs?

Or is the little story

about nothing which you care?

Was it the truth?

Perhaps just a dream…

Maybe just a tall tale

But what did it mean?

I think it has a moral

plain or not to which to see

I know it has some bit of meaning

At least it does for me

There’s something to remember

I hope your memory it will jog

And next year at Christmas time.

You won’t go drinking too much







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