We ask ourselves why?

16 12 2012

The problem? It’s humanism. The thought that we don’t need God, don’t want God, and shouldn’t even hear about God. That Godly things interfere with our personal wishes and dreams and we shouldn’t be constrained by the limits morality places upon us. That individualism trumps the Golden Rule and you shouldn’t have to do anything for others if there is no personal gain for ones self.

With humanism there is no arbitrator of what is good or bad except what one finds is good for ones self. There is no “higher authority” to answer to. No ultimate judge of what is good and evil.    

A number of years ago we chose a path that led us away from long held beliefs and traditions with the thought that we had no right to interject our own views of truth with the beliefs of others. Surely, we said, they had the right and ability to choose for themselves their own path. That when left to its own devices good would override evil and right would always trump wrong. After all, the good guy always wins in the end… doesn’t he?

We sat back and watched as people told us that it was for the public good that prayer didn’t have a place in the schoolhouse. That the Ten Commandments were some form of ‘establishment’ of religious doctrine that had no place in the public square. And we turned the other cheek with a live and let live attitude and as Christians we shouldn’t force our beliefs on others. We viewed ourselves as upright citizens and obeyed the laws of the land like we were told. After all, we were taught, our constitution forbids the mixing of church and state, and that there were other religions and groups that had different beliefs and traditions and that these things conflicted. It was all good… nothing to worry about.

Now we wonder why there is so much evil around us… why all the misery and hate. Hadn’t been there all along… or had it. Surly evil has existed since the Garden of Eden (yes, I believe) and we have always know men to do evil nasty things to his fellow man… but has it always been so blatant? So out in the open? Is the darkness now creeping further out into the light?

I believe we reap what we sow, and what we’ve sowed for the last number of years is that morality isn’t absolute and that the line between right and wrong is a faded shade of grey. That if it feels good do it. That in the end there is no one to answer to but yourself, so to thine own self be true… and morality is an out of date concept that limits personal gratification. Humanism.

We assigned blame to every act, but not the blame one would think. It’s a reasoning. A mitigating factor, if you will. That whatever we do has a root excuse that takes at the very least a very large amount of the personal responsibility away from what we do. Be it our upbringing, our educational level, of our personal life experience, we always seem to have a cause we can fall back on and say, “Don’t blame me, I did it because…”.

Sure, personal tragedy befalls us all. We all have something negative out there in our personal ‘closet’ where we store up our life experience. But part of being human is overcoming those things.

Sadly, because of what we did over the last many years so many have lost the tools that helped fight off those demons that haunt us. We don’t know how to win the personal battle between good and evil. There is no foundation for the fight. It’s too easy to strike out and give in.

If you want to know what caused Columbine, or what happened in that theater in Colorado, or that elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, you don’t have to look much farther than what we’ve taught to each other… or better what we haven’t taught.

They said we aren’t a Christian nation even though our history, our forefathers, and the basic facts of how our laws were formed and our institutions built speak otherwise. When they took prayer out of the schools we didn’t put our foot down. When they started taking down those commandments from those courthouse walls we grumbled and fussed, but never rose our voices into the chorus they should have become. When we saw the very morals of our communities crumbling around us we barely lifted a finger to even point out the obvious consequence.

We stood aside and watched this happen. We allowed it to happen. We let the genie out of the bottle. We are victims of a monster we ourselves created…





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