We built this…

31 08 2012

When Obama said to the businessman about his business “You didn’t build that.” he was also saying to the construction worker “You didn’t build it either.” To the painter he’s saying “You didn’t paint that.” To the farmer “You didn’t grow that.” To the mechanic “You didn’t fix that”, and to the college graduate proudly holding a diploma. “You didn’t earn that.”

Certainly no man is an island, but what Mr. Obama fails to realize is that it isn’t “Government” that helps us along the way, it’s people. We the people. Government is We The People. It designed to serve us so our will be done.

Government can take no credit for government does nothing. People do. It seems we’ve forgotten who is the master and who is the servant when it comes to how our government is supposed to operate nowadays. We seem to forget that government is just a place for people to come together to help each other. To build that common road, that bridge, join together to fight common enemies, and insure a fairness in actions and transactions among the people.

It’s that businessperson, or miner, or farmer that creates the wealth that pays the taxes to build those roads. Government doesn’t. Government creates nothing. It’s the inventor that brings forth the innovations that cause progress. Government creates nothing. It’s that mind, willing to learn and expand that overcomes the challenges of our future. Government can only facilitate, it creates nothing. Only people do.

Can you imagine Barack Obama telling Albert Einstein “You didn’t invent that.” Well, he just did. Can you imagine Barack Obama telling Thomas Edison “You didn’t create that.” Well, he just did. And when he tells the person that scrapped and saved and worked and overcame great challenges that his accomplishments aren’t his own, well, that’s a damn shame. But shamefully he just did.

Sure, roads are great things to have. But without people willing to move about those roads and use them to further the common good, they are of little use. It’s the people and their creativity and willingness to face challenge and overcome whatever obstacle that creates the common good. The products. The jobs. The future.

The best way to create a great future is to CREATE it. You can’t mandate it. You can’t take it away from one and give it to another. The government’s job is to facilitate a means for people to achieve great things, overcome great obstacles, and build that great future.

It’s the people stupid. Quit putting obstacles in their way.