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2 07 2012

Normally I don’t post other’s posts on my blog, however, this is a very well thoughtout and written piece on a current issue. It expands that thought into the current ‘state of affairs’ happening within our country and is something that I think we ALL need read and think seriously about.

Katherine writes:

I’m normally a super positive person, but today I feel really sad for the Country that I love – and frankly I’m mad.

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi almost called Obamacare’s individual mandate a tax, stopping mid-word to call it a “penalty”. (Oops!) White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew echoed it. Did you know that last week’s Supreme Court ruling deemed the mandate UNconstitutional under both the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause, but ruled that it could stand as part of Congress’s authority to “lay and collect TAXES.” (Did you know that??)

Here’s what someone I know found in this bill, and it makes me realize I need to read it & understand it as much as possible. This bill has been in place for how long now? We’ve had plenty of time to analyze it – so why haven’t we? Why don’t we know the details? Here are a few points that will impact every single one of us:

“If you haven’t read the bill, you need to. There are TWENTY new TAXES in Obamacare. (Remember how he repeatedly said it wasn’t a tax?) Some are in-direct taxes, passed on to the consumer, rich or poor and everyone in between. Others affect the the middle class. Take the long term Reinvestment tax as an example. It kicks in at the start of 2014. Have a 401K? How about a house with some equity that which is part of your retirement package? BOTH are considered long term investment. Long term investments will be taxed, when you add up the percentages, 40% when cashed in. That is stealing the retirement funds of hard working American families. Quite a few of the taxes will simply be passed on to the consumer, resulting in higher prices. If you want the product, you will pay the price which includes the higher taxes. It will not matter how much money you make, or don’t make.
There also are many provisions in Obamacare that do not even pertain to health care. Remember what Pelosi said? We need to pass the bill to see what is in it…”

I, Katherine Saunders, am totally for helping people that need it, and more importantly helping them get back on their feet and independent again. I realize people need medical insurance – and that even just one hospital visit without it can wipe out a person/family financially. I am not immune to that need! I’m a green, organic-loving, caring woman who is very much a mix between these two parties. I also believe in positive thinking – but – I don’t live in “la la” land.

Blindly allowing a healthcare tax w/o knowing what’s in it is insanity, and it is not the answer.

Bob Wiedemer is likely spot-on with his projections relative to the US out-of-control spending and consequences by 2013. We can close our eyes and believe what we’re being told by our government, just like the Germans did the Nazi’s, or we can open our eyes and READ the facts and numbers for ourselves and truly understand what it means – because we don’t have the money to pay for this. Did you hear that? We don’t have the money to pay for this. What does that mean? What happens when America can’t pay her bills? When most American’s can’t afford food or housing because they are taxed way beyond reasonable standards on THEIR OWN money and the goods they need to survive, which is exactly what will happen if we sit back like medicated zombies and just accept it. We’ll be bankrupt – not just as individuals – but our country will be, as well. (Can you see the downward spiral?)

I want to be very clear. For me, this is not about Democrat vs Republican. The fighting and ridiculousness that is taking place between the majority of people in these parties and against the ‘other party’ is stereotyping, polarizing, discriminatory and… stupid. Calling each other names, and trying to make it look like everyone in these parties has the same agenda is silly. There’s a wide-range of political beliefs in both parties ranging from conservative to moderate to liberal. That’s America – the land I love. I’m a registered Democrat and switching to Independent because I don’t want to be associated with either party at this point.

As an American, I actually have the right to expect my President, Congress and Senate to uphold MY rights under the Constitution of the United States. I know, seems like a given, right? Wrong.

I’m cool with the fact that you may not agree with me. It’s your right because you live in this amazing, free country.

BUT when you try to change my Free Republic to a Socialist one, I have a problem with that because that is NOT what this country was founded on or is based in today. My ancestors came here from England to escape a socialist country where they were unfairly taxed & their religious freedoms restricted. There are a LOT of socialist countries to choose from if that’s the way you want to live – please, PLEASE go live there. Denmark is actually one of the few socialist countries that is doing well, so that’s a great option for you.

I just wish the current administration would be transparent about their objectives because it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to read his books and know that he is self-admittedly a Marxist and socialist. He absolutely has the right to be that.

But I draw the line with him trying to make my country, the USA, a socialist country while couching it in lies and double-speak that are SO blatant I do not understand how people ignore it…unless they want it.

Well, I don’t. I don’t want it, and I think I am fairly safe in saying that the vast majority of US CITIZENS do not want America to be socialist either. So where’s the disconnect, Congress – Senate?

Do you know how much the Obamas or Nancy Pelosi make? Look it up – they are millionaires. Oh but they talk like they are one of the middle class, don’t they? Well, they’re not, and they don’t live like the rest of us. So what IS their motivation? (I won’t answer that because I don’t think it’s healthy or even possible to know another’s intention or motivation.) So let’s work with what we do know.

They (Obama, Pelosi, our Congress & Senate, etc.) ALL of them are EXEMPT from this OBAMACARE bill! Why? Oh – it’s altruistic. Sure it is. Wake UP.

To me it smacks of socialism. It’s good for the ‘common folk’, but not the government elite. Seriously? How can people not see this?

Whether you agree with me or not, please write your representatives in the Congress & Senate, and ask them if they’ve read the bill. Get a copy and read it yourself. Understand the impact, then let them know what you want. But don’t just sit there like a bump on a log or a medicated zombie and watch your individual freedoms die – unless you’re prepared to accept it when they are gone. Because if this keeps up it won’t be long.

I’m sure someone out there will try to spin this as racist, but anyone who knows me knows this – I’m not, and I don’t think in terms of color or gender. I wasn’t brought up that way, and I won’t tolerate or associate with anyone who is/does. I simply want the best PERSON to lead our great Country, and from my perspective, it’s definitely not the person currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I no longer wish to pay his salary or for his exorbitant lifestyle – while in public, he talks like he’s one of the middle class.

I’m not sure Romney is a great choice either, but I’m pretty sure he’ll at least show up for work. At least TRY to enact a balanced budget. I’m pretty sure there’s no controversy around whether or not he was born in America, and I don’t think he has tried to repeatedly block access to his college records. I’m relatively certain he’s not a socialist, and he has a PROVEN track record with leading successful companies. With what we have to work with at this point – that works for me. I hope America won’t settle for less.

I’ve always been the independent sort. I don’t follow the crowd, and my personal integrity matters way more than what others think of me. I embrace the fact that others think differently, feel differently, and believe differently. It would be very boring otherwise. Our Constitution is what protects all of this – we should protect and uphold it, too. I will always stand up for what I believe. — Katherine Pickard Saunders