Down on the farm, growing votes…

3 06 2012

Recently Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill) pointed our some simple truths at a Town Hall meeting about how the democrats want to keep blacks and Hispanics dependent on government and toeing the party line. He also called out Jessie Jackson by name saying that “Jesse Jackson would be out of work if (blacks) weren’t dependent on government.”

He also re-enforced that the next day by saying Jackson was in effect trying to keep blacks, “down on some plantation.” By keeping them dependant on the government dole. Democrats cried foul and, as they typically do, called Walsh racist for saying it.

Truth hurts. Walsh is spot on. Racism is an industry and a vital part of the democrat platform.

 It should be noted that it was a republican that sent troops to Little Rock. It was republican support that passed the Civil Rights Act. It was a republican president (Reagan) that ushered in an economy that moved more blacks out of poverty either before or since. It was a republican President that expanded the Civil Rights Act to cover ALL of America. It was a republican president that put blacks into higher positions in the administration than ever (Sec of State, Sec of Defense).

It was the DEMOCRATS that attacked and tried to block a black nominee for the Supreme Court. It was DEMOCRATS that used the term “House Ni**er” in reference to black conservatives and it’s the democrats that quickly criticize blacks when they become successful.

It’s been republican policy that has created jobs for the people, while democrat policies are for the large part job killers – especially for minorities and low income groups. Go ahead – try to tell me that raising energy prices is sound policy where blacks, Hispanics, or any other minority is concerned. Yet it’s a part of the democrats platform.

 It was a republican President that brought The No Child Left Behind Act, which was designed to lift the educational level of black children in America up to equal levels, and the democrats fought it tooth and nail, and in the end refused to fund vital parts of it – why? The democrats depend on keeping blacks under educated and under control, that’s why.

The democrats love to point out that there are more whites on welfare and foodstamps than blacks. Yes, of course there are more whites on welfare and food stamps than blacks BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE. But there are far more blacks on welfare than whites by percentage, and that’s what counts in that statement.

Telling people that there are “more whites on welfare and foodstamp’s” is just misdirection, and covering up a problem that needs correcting. Toeing the democrats party line does NOTHING for blacks or Hispanics but give them more of the same ol same ol. And every time a republican points it out the cries of racism go flying.

Real racism is saying that welfare and foodstamps are ‘good enough’ for black people. Real racism is not worrying about providing jobs for the poor, only how much rich pay in taxes. Real racism is saying blacks aren’t capable of acquiring an ID to vote. Real racism is saying a black person can’t make up his own mind about the world around him, only the government can. As long as that government is in the hands of the democrats that is.

They call republicans bigots for wanting job creation instead of welfare programs. They call them bigots for thinking a paycheck is a better alternative than foodstamps. They call them bigots for wanting to pull poor people up, instead of knocking “rich” people down.

Democrats seem to think that corporations and jobs are somehow unrelated, and that taxes somehow don’t get passed on down to consumers. They seem to think that “taxing the rich” will somehow benefit the poor, when in reality those taxes take money out of everybody’s pockets in the form of higher costs, fewer jobs, and less growth in the marketplace. And it’s that growth in the marketplace that really brings money into our nations treasury. It’s growth in the marketplace that puts money in peoples pocket and food on their table. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

See, bigoted men really are incapable of comprehending reality today. They’d rather keep you with a hand out in need, down on the plantation, where they can count on your support. They somehow think they are doing you a favor. Thankfully nowadays, more and more people are finding out who the real bigots are.





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