Say what? (again…)

30 04 2012

I read earlier that Obama has a campaign ad out that warns us about a return to things as they were under George Bush.

Don’t return to Bush?

Under Bush, for the vast majority of his time as President, we had record low unemployment (around 5%), low gas prices (under $2), a soaring stock market, and booming growth in both real wages and GDP. All this EVEN with 9-11, which for a period of time crashed the markets and should by all rights have sent us into a long lasting deep economic depression, the resulting war on terrorism with those extreme costs in both war and the Billions upon Billions poured into Homeland Security, and TWO major hurricanes – Katrina and Rita. It wasn’t until the democrats pet housing fiasco which crashed the housing market (which Bush had warned us over and over and over was coming) did the economy go bad.

Under Obama it has only gotten worse, and any positive change has come from the natural rebound of the business community fixing themselves. Obama (and the democrats back during Bush’s final few months) poured massive amounts of money onto the problem with little results to show besides massive waste and fraud.

This President has done nothing to really fix any of our problems. Nothing to really fight high unemployment. Nothing to bring down the high costs of energy. Nothing at all to bring about any rebound in the marketplace.

Sure, he’s promised us the moon (and promised high taxes to pay for it), but as far a real solutions – nothing. Even some of his very own supporters are now questioning some of his programs and having second thoughts about the costs. Obama’s still living on dreams and wishes, and what he’s delivered hasn’t smelled nearly as rosy as what we were lead to believe.

Even today the best he’s got is to still try to pin our problems on Bush. We should only be so lucky as to get back economically to where we were under Bush!


Say what?

27 04 2012

Joe Biden said the other day that Romney’s foreign policy would take America in the wrong direction, back to where we were a few years ago.

Joe Biden has lost his mind.

If anyone has taken America into a dangerous place with their foreign policy it’s this administration. Cowering and burying your head in the sand isn’t a sound policy, and faint hearted reactions to acts against us like what occurred on Clinton’s watch only leads to more attacks against us.

Bowing to foreign leaders and begging petty tyrants to act nice, this administrations foreign policy it would seem, has caused America to appear weak and lose the trust of our allies. Talk about going back to the future, the Obama Administration has almost got us back to where we were in 1999. No, on second thought, you can’t even compare this where we were then as a nation.