Fools and their stories…

22 03 2012

I don’t abide fools easily, and I literally HATE un-American anti-American un-informed Americans. The bitch and moan about “freedom” and the “Constitution” and then attack everything ever done to provide them that freedom and protect that Constitution. I wish they’d move somewhere else and quit contaminating the air here. They are full of hate and readily accept any BS that any idiot can make up and present as facts. They live with their heads in the sand, yet jump on any and every conspiracy theory and take any criticism of our country as gospel fact, no matter how farfetched. Then if you don’t accept their BS, or if you repudiate what they say with fact, they claim you’ve fallen victim to some ‘Zionist’ new world order sinister plot to take over the world. All they are is stupid, weak minded, anti-semitic, haters that want to find blame for their own shortcomings by disparaging others. They skirt around on the periphery of the issues, relying on each other for self reaffirmation. Their logic is tattered and frayed, which is another reason they are called ‘the fringe‘. They are irrelevant politically but act a if they are of some omni-importance to our country, all the while never lifting a finger to help it, only tearing it down. They find it sooo terrible here. LEAVE. Get out. We don’t need them here, and they act as if they don’t like it here, so go. I’d suggest Canada, but they wouldn’t like it there either. Besides, Canada has enough problems already.





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