23 11 2011

Some people say that a person is the sum of their life experiences and to a large extent I believe that’s true. The people I grew up with, my relatives and friends, taught me much and I’ve taken from them and lived and learned and grown into the person I am. And I am blessed for the experiences they’ve shared with me in my walk through life. But to be totally honest I’ve gained much from people that I am only acquainted with, sometimes remotely.

They’ve caused me to think about and explore things that on my own I’d never have chanced upon . New people with new ideas and life experiences. Even in this forum I’ve found friendships and opinions that have added much to who I am.

I’ve bantered back and forth in comment sections and on message boards and come to “know” and respect many of you out there in the blog-o-sphere. You’ve stimulated me and taught me, stood beside me, or shown me the other side of so very much.

I’ve read your words and heard your ideas and in turn you’ve given me a means and method of injecting mine into a world of your own.

Silly isn’t it, that people you’ve never met and would have otherwise never known can add so many valuable things to a persons life’s experience. Even if we don’t always agree on things there has always been value in the experience.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

To those of you I know and have known, my family, my schoolmates, and my running buddies. Those I’ve worked with and those that I have personally associated with in some form, I thank you for all you’ve given me.

To those on the periphery of my life, and to those of you I’ve never met and perhaps never will met, I thank you, too. I’m so glad to have each and every one of you along for the trip. Hopefully the journey will be long and joyous. I have been truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you one and all.





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