Reasonable Doubt…

22 09 2011

Forensics? There was little to none. No blood. No DNA. No fingerprints on shell casings. Not even a murder weapon found. Davis was implicated in the murder do to another case which even the victim came to doubt Davis was the shooter. The person that pointed the finger first at Davis was known to own a weapon of the type that was used in the murder (and shooting) and others have said that he, not Davis, was the real shooter. No motive was ever established for Davis to have committed either act. He didn’t know either victim.

Whether or not Davis was the killer I can’t say, but I do think that reasonable doubt was raised, which leaves me to wonder what happens to “reasonable doubt” once the trial is over, but new issues raised?

One appeals court ruled 3/2 – that speaks to reasonable doubt. The supreme court had at least 3 dissenters – that speaks to reasonable doubt. A former official with the justice department said the case was worthy of further investigation and that he had reasonable doubt. The former head of the FBI said that there were questions which leads me to believe he had reasonable doubt.

There were nine eyewitnesses to the crime. Seven recanted. Not one or two but SEVEN out of the nine eye witnesses against him say now that he didn’t do it. That’s pretty unique in itself, even to have ONE witness recant. Seven out of nine – doesn’t that speak to reasonable doubt?

Even several of the jurors that heard the case now believe him innocent – does that not somehow speak to reasonable doubt. And if there is that much reasonable doubt wouldn’t it to have wise to have at least commuted his sentence to life, instead of death. To err on the side of caution.

“Reasonable Doubt” somehow no longer mattered in this case. It all became “relevant” and technicalities and absolutes.

No one may ever prove Troy Davis innocent of either of these crimes, but to Troy Davis it will no longer matter if they do, he’s dead. Of that, there is no doubt.





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