20 07 2011

It’s “Let’s scare our senior’s” time again… It’s what the fear mongers in Washington love to do.

Our country is up to it’s eyeballs in debt. We fund hundreds of dubious projects and studies with our tax dollars. We pay huge amounts for subsidizes for things that which in many cases do more harm than good, or at the least are wasteful. We just passed a hugely expensive healthcare bill which looks for all the world to do us more harm than good as cost skyrocket and doctors flee the profession. We send billions of dollars in aid overseas and in some cases have next to nothing to show for it. And now that our expenses once again outgrow our means we want to balance our books on the backs of the very ones that can least afford it, our Social Security recipients. Yep, high on the plan is reformulation of the way increases meant to cover inflation are figured and adding years to the eligibly requirements.

What’s the first thing Obama threatened the public with if he doesn’t get his way on the debt ceiling deal? No, not some cut to a pet project, or withholding funding from some social program. Nope, it was those retirement checks that might not hit the mail.

Of course seniors are always a easy bunch to use scare tactics on. Many, frankly, have their backs up against the wall financially and anything that effects them is a great concern. Threatening them in thier pocketbook is sure to get results. Besides, the younger you are the less concern one usually has for their retirement days, so the eventual threat to them is easily overlooked. Pushing back retirement age, or a few less dollars a month sounds like no big deal… and it’s why the problems with Social Security never get fixed.

Certainly many foreign aid programs have a huge benefit to us right here in America as they help to expand markets and open doors to us, or provide needed healthcare to keep diseases and such from spreading to our own shores. And for sure there are some good projects out there. Some good studies that will help our country and mankind as a whole (but $900k to study gay men’s penis sizes?). We are wealthy enough here in America to have concern for impoverished people around the world… but we need to take care of our own first.

Yes, we are going to have to raise the debt limit. We’ve already spent the money and the note is coming due. But this need not happen again. We need to make damn sure that we put our countries financial house in order. Right now we have an administration out of control. THEY have more wants and desires than WE can healthily support.

Tax increases aren’t the answer. They take money away from where it’s needed and we get little in return. We need to cut and control spending. This allows the market to expand and with that expansion comes growth and with growth comes jobs and with jobs come tax revenue to the treasury. That’s the proper way to increase tax revenue, by expanding the markets and creating real financial growth.

The administration needs to quit threatening the people with the means to do good for our economy with “redistributing” their “wealth”. Profit is a huge incentive to people. Give investors reason to invest. Don’t threaten to take their money away in increased taxes, they’ll only look for ways to secure it away and protect what they’ve got by putting it in things like gold, which is safe, but adds almost nothing to the economy.

It’s not like they have thier money in a shoebox or stuff it into a mattress. All these “huge profits” that this administration finds so evil are reinvested into marketplace to make even more money (and provides growth to existing industry, new businesses, and the jobs that go with them, which in turn will increase tax revenue to the U. S. Treasury). Making money is a good thing. The more you make the more you spend, and the more you spend the more WE can make… and that’s a great way to ‘redistribute’ wealth.

Surely we can put our senior citizens at the bottom of the list where cuts are concerned. They paid their dues. This ain’t rocket science after all.



15 07 2011

They want to control what kind of fuel you put into your car.

They want to control what kind of car you drive.

They want to control how much money you make.

They want to control your savings account.

They want to make you to join a Union.

They want to control what you eat.

They want to control your education.

They want to control your healthcare.

They want to control what you hear on television and the radio.

They want to control what kind of lightbulbs you have in your house.

Now, if your kid is fat, they say they even want to take away your kid.

They want to control you.

All of you.

They want you to submit to their will.

They want you to believe they know what’s best for you, your family, your neighbors, and your community.

We used to call this communism. We’ve forgotten that communism failed.

 Is it a testament to American exceptionalism that some of our leaders think that we can make communism work when the Russians could not? Even the Chinese had to resort to Capitalism to make it seem like it works there (it doesn’t).

Wake up America!  The time is growing late.