End of an Age…?

28 04 2011


Scary predictions are afoot. It’s now predicted that the end to “The Age of America” will come as soon as 2016. It’s said that our roll and place as the largest economic powerhouse in the world will be overtaken at that time by China.

While there are others saying that our domination will last far longer than that most all feel that the day will come that we are no longer the supreme economic force we’ve been for the last century.

This effects our future in everything from the strength of the US Dollar to our security and our roll as a world military power.

In 2007 the GDP’s (Gross Domestic Product) of Japan, Germany, the U.K., and China combined didn’t equal our GDP. Right now this minute we are STILL the dominate economic power in the world, but China, Brazil, India, and others are rapidly growing while our own growth is minimal at best.

This all started when we as a people started begrudging the foreign aid we sent overseas. Money that to a large part came back to us as they purchased American made products. It snowballed under President Carter who seemingly had a policy of teaching the world how to compete against us. It was helped along by harsh tax policies that hurt businesses (and even harsher anti-business policies are proposed by Obama today) causing many businesses and factories to relocate.

It can be blamed more on the Unions that demand higher wages than consumers are willing to support, and on a minimum wage policy that kills jobs here in America. We are pricing “Made in America” out of existence.

We hollered loud and long about such things as sweat shops and child labor in foreign lands (not realizing the alternative was starvation) and cried out that these countries needed to provide for their own people… and so they did, by taking away more of our own low or unskilled jobs. We further this along every time we seek out the cheapest price on whatever product we want to buy as the main consideration in it’s purchase.

Obama isn’t to blame for this happening, but he is not only not helping resolve the problem but speeding up the process with failed policies that mimic those of failed socialist countries that overburdened their ability to pay for grand social plans.

We’ve gotten to the point as a country that our greed outruns our drive to produce. We are owed, and seek what can be provided to us, not what we can provide for ourselves and others. We march in the street now, knowing that there is a problem but unwilling to take a share of the responsibility to fix it. Like those teachers in Wisconsin we protest, and blame the messenger for the monsters we ourselves create.

We have to stop looking our gift horses in the mouth. We keep blaming the rich for our troubles, but our wealth is our best defense against this looming threat. Only “the rich” have the recourses to cause a shift back toward American greatness.

Government doesn’t create or grow anything but more government. Our Capitalist business structure is the engine to grow our economy. Taxing the rich only increases prices to consumers, hinders expansion, and burdens job creation.

Taxes can be self defeating if they take away from the ability to compete and profit. Taxes come from profits and growth produces more profits which in turn produce more tax revenue. Raise taxes and hinder the ability to grow and profit and you hinder tax revenue. That’s why tax cuts have ALWAYS produced increases in tax revenue. Those cuts stimulate growth which create profits AND jobs, both the rivers that feeds the Treasury of this country.

Restrictive regulation also restricts the ability to grow and profit, which in turn restrict taxable revenue. You kill the source of expansion you kill new jobs. You kill new jobs with overburdening regulation and you take away tax money that would flow to the treasury.

If we want to retain our place as an economic powerhouse and the benefits that go along with that, create jobs, and expand our tax base (thereby increase real revenue to the treasury) we have to lessen the burdens on our business community wherever we can.

We have to create a much better pro business climate if we are to retain economic power and avoid the pitfalls the are looming out on our horizon. We can’t strangle our main source of jobs and expect it to pay for social giveaway programs that add noting to our economy but anchor weight. We can’t keep looking to them as a cure-all for our ills and at the same time restrict their very ability to compete and succeed in a world that’s rapidly overtaking us.

Each of us needs to look at our own roll in all of this. Our ‘me first’ attitude is winning us nothing here. From our Unions and the demands they make to the way we personally shop, we all have to examine if we are doing right by our own selves in how we navigate these hard economic times. Are we adding to the problem, or are we helping ourselves and our fellow man. Yes, that goes for our business community too.

We need to stop playing games with people with ever bigger social programs. Our government can’t be all things to all people. Others have tried that and failed. There is nothing that tells us we can succeed where Russia failed with these socialist, big government programs. History shows the results quite clearly.

The political gamesmanship of blaming “the Rich” for not paying “their fair share” is a false narrative that is a dangerous thing to do in a dangerous time in our counties history. The thought that it is being done on purpose leads me to wonder if some of our current administration really have our best interest, and our future at heart.






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7 05 2011

The top five percent are already paying more than their share and everyone else’s. It’s the entitlement mentality that’s killing the country. People want what others have but aren’t willing to do what others did to get it-work for it. Those who ushered in the nanny state will be the first to bitch when it all crumbles around them. We know the end though, because it’s already been written. Governmental shift is coming, just not in the form the libs are banking on.

20 05 2011

Just coming by to check on you Al and hope you are not in the flood zone since they opened the spillways. Let me hear from you when you have time. I have lost your email address when I had to take my computer in last year for a checkup. Hope all is well there. Vicksburg finally crested yesterday and having flooding north and south of town. 1 person has died from drowning…a 69 year old man, disabled, who took off walking in chest high water at an intersection the lower end of town.

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