Seriously dude… really?

25 02 2011

Recently I read an article claiming 5 things that people in general believed about Islam and Muslims that wasn’t true. At least that was the writers claim.

I paused as I read this and thought to myself “Really?…I’m not so sure about that.” and I started to reflect on each point he was trying to make. He had some good arguments but they were the type that just kinda glossed over the reality of history and didn’t really tell the whole story.

Here’s my take on each one…



If You’re a Muslim Woman, You Have to Wear the Veil
Here’s the problem, must people don’t know a lot about Islam because they’ve for the most part only been exposed to the TV News version of Islam. What is typically presented there is radical fundamentalist Islam and the burqa, or veil, IS a very large part of that. The requirement to wear the burqa (or veil) is spreading rapidly across the Middle Eastern and Asian Muslim communities (and European ones, too, for that matter). For a long while Western traditions had taken root and women had enjoyed many rights. Rights that are slowly being taken away. For example it was recently shown on the web a picture of a graduating class from a college in Egypt from back in the seventies. Out of a large contingent of women in the photo only a couple wore a burqas, while a photo from the past year showed not only fewer women there but ALL to either be veiled or wearing the burqa. Google some photos of Iran from the sixties and seventies and now… From what I’ve been told by Muslim friends (male) is that according to Islamic tradition a woman should be covered although many don’t follow that nowadays.

Our Founding Fathers Would Never Have Tolerated This Muslim Nonsense!
They most assuredly WOULD NOT have tolerated it!. Here you perhaps are misinformed about what all the “nonsense” is. Many of the traditions and tenets of Islam are very much against the views of our founders as set forth in our constitution. The very idea of Sharia Law would have them spinning in their graves.

As for as the “Treaty of Tripoli” goes it is what it is. And what it is was a treaty to make the “musselmen” quit pirating our damn ships. There are many letters written by our founders talking about Christian faith and its huge part of our countries, not only reason to be, but the necessity in it’s tradition keeping our nation strong and free. Some people try to push away from religion as it relates to the foundation of our country (Christian or otherwise) as for as our founders go but one clarifying factor is to look at what they did as our nation formed. One of the very first Acts by the first Congress was to require regular religious services be held on our Navy ships while at sea.

“Muslim” Equals “Arab”

It’s true that not all Muslims are Arab and not all Arabs are Muslim.

Again, this is related to the past and Islam’s history as a “Arab” religion. Mohammad most likely came up with it as a response to other cultures having a “stake” in a religion and wanted one for the people of Arab decent as its pretty much based on several of the other religions of the area that existed at that time. That it has spread does mitigate it’s interpretation as Arab only, however it’s tenets are based in the Arab culture and tradition without doubt. It’s just as easy (and correct) to say that Islam is a Arab religion as it is to say Buddhism is an Eastern religion.


Western Cultures Are Far More Humane Than the Bloodthirsty Muslims

They are. We were once ALL bloodthirsty and you can preach all you want but the Muslims fall right in line with it too. HOWEVER, it seems that western traditions have become far more humane over time than the Muslims have. Again this relates more to the Arab Muslim than where all it has spread in more modern times, but none the less, there are some far more barbaric practices contained within that world than outside of it… from still stoning people to death, honor killings, and loping off hands for thievery, to executing people in large public arenas for in many cases minor offences, it’s hard to argue that isn’t the case. While you may be correct with Mohammad’s “code of conduct” for his warriors, that went out the window a long long time ago. Now it’s all about stoning, loping off hands, and a head or two every now and then just to make a point. Or blowing themselves and other stuff up to get to Heaven… What’s the name of that last Jewish guy that got on that crowded bus with a vest full of T-n-T…? Oh yeah, Twasntone.

Lets just sum this one up with just one word: Jihad.
(Christians, by the way, are far more violently persecuted around the world than Muslims are and it’s typically the Muslims doing the persecuting)

Islam Is Stuck in the Dark Ages

Again, to a large extent we are back at the Arab end of the spectrum for this and it comes from a media that likes to sensationalize and shape the truth. First, see above. Then forgive me while I laugh about whatever point you thought you were making in reference to this with the evolution thing…

Science and math existed long before Islam. Perhaps you wanted to give a shout out here to the Arab world and Persia, too, (which you yourself seem to be confusing with Islam) but the Pyramids in Egypt date back about 4000 years and without science and mathematics they wouldn’t exist. Algebra is the foundation of engineering and do you think the Great Wall of China was built without it? There are ruins built by the natives in South America that defy logic with their precision and grace and I don’t think that was a Muslim amoung’em.

Yes, Islam had a fine tradition of Art, Mathematics, Engineering, and Science and I’ll even grant that it was much more advanced than the nomadic tribes that roamed Europe back in the day… but they still weren’t the Greeks, with their great tradition of philosophy nor were they the Romans who built the coliseum while Arabs were still on the small but nicely furnished side of the building boom. Where are their huge armies of clay soldiers buried in the sand? But then again we are talking Arabs, not Islam aren’t we… Islam didn’t exist then. Now that tradition in Art and Science and Math and all is pretty much gone too. Go read yourself a list of Nobel Prize winners.

After Islam came along things took a down hill turn for the worse…, the Turks and Ottomans tried with one great last gasp, but…, and they are, to a very large extent, now stuck back in the Dark Ages. Truly, there are some grand structures and other beautiful things to see “over there”… but then again they were built a long long time ago weren’t they!? Even today some of them are living in tents. But nice tents, I’ll give you that.

Seriously dude…really?





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