17 01 2011

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”
-Ronald Reagan

I just got through reading another article about the shooting in Arizona. This article is just another in a long line of biased articles by the media. Here, let me clear up a few things:

A. The gunman was a left wing lunatic anarchist, not right wing as many want people to believe.

B. Anarchy is a belief system that rises above party politics.

C. The left has many more examples of hate spewed out toward the right by those in the spotlight (or even in the ‘news’ media itself) than the right [*Malkin has a good post with many examples of such], while most example of hatespeak cited by the media and the left against the right are proven false.

D. The DNC itself had its very own bullseye maps out.

E. Presidents Reagan and Ford were both targets of assassination attempts long before this, yet these types of claims weren’t made against the left. No “jumping the gun”, so to speak, back then.

F. Those symbols on Palin’s map WERE surveyor symbols showing where the opposition was, not gunsight crosshairs. Even so, they were nothing new in the world of politics.

Had Plain never existed, nor Beck or any other “person/symbol” the left has thrown out there as ’cause’, this would have still happened. The same goes if the congresswoman had been Republican, not Democrat. His hate and the subsequent attack were against government in general, not her in specific.

Now I’m in my fifties and I still think of myself as young, so I don’t have total recall of the last century and the political world of the past, but I do remember that politics and finger pointing have always gone hand in hand. Even back in the early years of this country there were the jabs and the political cartoons and the hot rhetoric. There is nothing new here.

Kennedy I remember the stories about. Johnson. Nixon, and how he was hated. How Ford was made fun of… and poor poor Mr. Carter. Even rabbits attacked him. But I remember nothing like the attacks made against George W. Bush.

In my humble opinion the attacks against Bush were purposeful and orchestrated. He had won a hotly contested election, defeating the chosen son of the democrats and in doing so has stolen the glory away from them with the brightening economic condition of the country. (A brightening economic condition brought about by the hard work of a republican congress working with a democrat as President)

After 9-11 the country rallied behind President Bush whose leadership at that tragic time was deemed by almost all as superb. Bush had led the nation forcefully in its response and his rating soared along with the patriotic spirit. As the country made its way into ‘02 it looked as if Bush would have only token opposition at best come the next election.

Then the attacks began.

It began with the innuendo that those brief few minutes that Bush waited with those children in that classroom showed some kind of indecisiveness… never mind that it was time taken by the Secret Service and others evaluating dangers and arranging his movements.

In my opinion these attacks we designed to tear down a man the country had rallied behind. And they became more often and stronger as time went by, even to the point of where every little thing the man did was roundly criticized by the left. Orchestrated by those that wanted their political power back. Even if it meant harming their own country to get it.

I won’t go into great detail about the history and timelines of what came next. I’ll only say that some of the things that Bush was accused of and blamed for went beyond the pale. (Even blaming him for hurricanes and a flooded New Orleans…) I don’t know if political rhetoric ever had been that vile… and most was do to lies. Not his lies, but others. Most of what Bush was accused of he has since be exonerated of, even by the democrats own reports.

Before anyone starts blaming the Tea Party or talk radio or the Palin’s or Limbaugh’s of the world, one really should take a look back just a few short years, for there are those on the other side that wouldn’t even have a job in the limelight without their attacks on Bush. If you really want to see examples of heated, hate inspiring rhetoric you only have to go back to the last administration, and look left.









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