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12 01 2011

I’ve pretty much figured out the jest of liberalism. It’s sex!

They love sex and believe everything revolves around sex. It’s why abortion is such an issue for them. It’s legality takes away one of the roadblocks to sex. And why “Gay Rights”, which is an addendum to the free love attitude of the liberal, is such an important issue with them. Self gratification in all things seems to be the top priority.

Liberals are like children in so many ways. Young, unschooled irresponsible youths. Unlearned in the real ways of the world and how things actually work… and that consequences exist. Consequences to every action. So many of them’s world revolves around sex. The music, the fashion… Most young people equate being young with the pursuit of sex. That they own it. Their raison d’être… Many kids don’t think their parents have sex. Many kids don’t think adults even like to have sex. They think you can get too old for sex.

Many liberals think conservative don’t like sex either. They think conservatives are against sex. And when they find out that conservatives have sex they see it as hypocritical. Of course conservatives like sex, too. But, they are more likely to have a more responsible attitude about it… so it shocks everybody, left and right, when something about a conservative and sex hit’s the news.

Conservative are more likely to see the big picture. The consequences. The STD’s. The single parent homes… They are more… morally responsible. Liberals don’t like being confronted with consequences, so they are more likely to either ignore them, of place the blame for those consequences elsewhere… which is why so often very real problems with very real solutions don’t get solved. God forbid anyone mention abstinence. Even for the very young. Morality has it’s limits. It’s a limit to their personal gratification. It limits sex.

Really, they’re like kids. They want others doing everything for them. They want to be taken care of. They want things handed to them without the hindrance of actually having to earn it. If you try to make them work for stuff you’re abusing them. But if they actually do for themselves they’ll want top dollar for it. Tenure, too. Even if they don’t do it very well. And don’t forget the vacation time… they gotta have some “me” time after all. They want their cake, and want to eat it, too.

No ramifacations. No consequences. No inhibitions. No prohibitions. And liberal amounts of sex. To them, that’s what it’s all about. 






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