The gift of a poem I give to you… Merry Christmas

24 12 2010

The time is getting close

The hour drawing near

Hearts full of joy

At this Joyous time of year

Presents are wrapped

Placed under the tree

Gifts that we’ve gotten

To share you and me

But there is reason to the season

Least we forget

A baby was born

In a lowly manger yet

No room at the Inn

They had to make do

Things weren’t so simple

As they are for me and you

But the place of His birth

Somehow shows that

From the simplest of station

Greatness is begat

Never turn you back

On those that don’t shine

For in the eyes of each other

Our own selves we might find

Christmas is more

Than gifts under a tree

It opened a door way

The path to eternity

It’s the greatest of gift

That we ourselves can share

Something with which we

Can show others that we care

Reach out your hand

Pull a brother up

Make a new friend

Fill another’s cup up

The gift of share ourselves

Is something all of us can do

Open your heart up to others

Do for them as you’d have them do you

The Christchild was born

On that Christmas day

A long time ago

Or was it yesterday

Or maybe tomorrow

You’ll look into his face

Will there be sorrow

Will you be disgraced

Will you have done

What He asked you to do

When the time comes

And your living is through

Don’t waste your tomorrow

Your Christmas day

Give out your own gifts

Let Christ show you the way

Live a life of Joy

Let happiness abound

Keep His gifts close

But spread them around.

Merry Christmas





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