Haters keep haten, Palin keeps smiling…

6 12 2010


Why do some people have the feelings toward Sarah Palin they do? Well…

It’s kind like why they make the blonde jokes. No, not because blondes are actually stupid, they aren’t, but the fact that blondes really do “have more fun”.

Many women on the liberal side of the aisle come up lacking in many of the categories they find themselves competing against Palin in. They knock her attractiveness, not because of any negative substance to the fact that Sarah is attractive, but they aren’t, so it’s an angle they use to make themselves feel some sense of superiority. Palin is more woman in most every sense of the word than many could ever hope to be. And it urks them to no end that not only is she attractive but she is accomplished, too. They now can’t wallow themselves in the pity that, because they are women, they are held back and can’t rise above in this “man’s world” with her around. Sarah saw the glass ceiling and walked right through it. They have a hard time accepting that, many times, they themselves are their own reason for their own shortcomings.

Many men see her as more of a man than they themselves are. To compensate they must make the excuse that she’s from the backwoods and lacks refinement. It’s jealousy. They themselves are incapable of doing that which she’s already done and continues to do. They want so bad for her to be a dumb broad that they discount her. Her accomplishments they put off as that she’s from a small town so being mayor was no big deal, and Alaska isn’t highly populated, therefore it’s no great feat that she was a successful governor (even if they will admit she WAS successful as a governor). They badly want her to be objectified as a sexual being so in their own mind they can fantasize some sort of superiority over her.

Some that lack accomplishments of their own will quickly claim her as being without qualification or experience, no matter the fact that she is highly experienced (far more so than our sitting president), and packs more real world credentials and qualifications for public service than most could ever claim.

They feel that they are somehow superior in upbringing and education than her, even to the point of calling her ignorant . True, she is no ’elite’ and never attended an Ivy League school… but low and behold, she does have a 4 year degree, earned in just 4 years, from reputable and fine universities at that (she attended more than one…), and it may come as a shock to many out there but her degree is in journalism. And while Sarah Palin doesn’t “talk” like many do, she DOES talk just like many Alaskans do. It wouldn’t hurt most East Coasterner’s (that’s southern for you people up on the east coast) to realize that most of us ‘other’ people don’t talk like you do either… rather, you don’t talk like us…, and we laugh at you.

Some people however look up to her. Many women look at Sarah Palin and see a “there go I, also” quality to her, and that if she can attempt and accomplish great things than so can they. They see a woman that can be a wife and a mother and be a leader, too. That literally nothing holds her back, so nothing holds them back either. They see what feminism was really supposed to be all about in the first place. That being pretty doesn’t mean you don’t have real abilities too. That the cream really does rise to the top, if you are willing to put the effort in… for nothing has been handed to Sarah Palin.

Some men look at her and see their own wife. Or there sister, or their mom. Or they secretly wish their wife was more like her. Besides that, it validates that it is more important to have heart and soul and be willing to put in the effort that pays off rather than just breeding and connections. That their own sons and daughters really do have a change at achieving great things with their lives. And in some way it validates themselves. That somehow common sense really is important in the big picture of things. That maybe, just maybe, there is hope for us yet… out here in flyover land .




One response

6 12 2010
paul mitchell

I don’t think that I shall ever understand why people simply trash her, you can explain the need to do these ridiculous things, but this is just ridiculous.

Especially with our current president being such a stuttering imbecile.

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