Joy Behar… (and the Goldberg’s too)

16 10 2010

It’s the Behar’s of the world that keep us open to extremism and terrorist acts. They refuse to confront and only make excuses, then point fingers at those that want to point out the harsh realities around us.

The truth is that radical and extremist views are becoming the norm in the Muslin world, and the “moderates” (I guess that means those that only sorta want to harm us) stand by and do nothing.

Why are THEY themselves not confronting the radicals within Islam? If the radical extremist are such a small part of Islam why don’t the others point them out and cast them out of their midst? Why do the governments in that part of the world do nothing? Why? Because that’s where the real power, and real agenda, is in that religion. The West just continues to turn a blind eye and hope for the best.

The Taliban continues because it has the passive support of the Islamic community. Bin Laden hasn’t been found because he has the passive support of the Islamic community. Bombs go off on roadsides and in marketplaces around the world because the Islamic community is controlled by those that support terrorism and it isn’t taught against, or preached against in the Mosques nor in the homes of the Islamic community. Why? Because it is the norm, not the exception as many want you to believe.

It may not be the norm HERE yet, but it will be. Soon enough, it will be.






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18 10 2010
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