The teams have been chosen, the field prep underway…

27 09 2010
Recently on facebook John Hawkens of RightWingNews, posted: One of the most crucial questions to ask any GOP politician: What will you do to reduce the power & authority of gov’t?
It’s a very good question, and to go along with it he got the following ‘questions for politician’s’ in his responses from a few of his facebook friends –
‎#2: Are you really who you say you are, or is this all a bluff to get elected to a “position”?
#3: are you willing to actually vote for the will of your constituents vs. the corporations that donate to your PAC and re-election committees?

#4: Are you capable of reading, comprehending, and relaying the contents of the bill without unnecessary legalese to the American people?

#5: What are you going to do to encourage and support private industry to produce sustainable energy?

I think most of this is all basic, but too often we fail to ask this stuff and only hear those feel good “political promises” that never seem to get kept. Politicians, it seems, are better at figuring out what we want to hear than they are at figuring out solutions to problems we face.

To me it’s kinds like contempt. Like we just need to have our feelings stroked with some words of encouragement and leave the rest up to them. Daddy politician knows best.

Years ago I challenged my Senator, at that time Russell Long, that he wasn’t doing the will of his constituents, and that he needed to listen to the public concerning an issue of the day. He wrote me back and in no uncertain terms let me know that HE was Senator, not me, and that we elected HIM because of his great skill at determining what was best for the State of Louisiana and the residents thereof. Daddy Russell knew best, so shut up, behave, and quit bothering him with trivial matters such as what the people want.

That was my first taste of politics on any meaningful level.

I grew up thinking that we sent our politicians off to Washington to represent us, not themselves. Sure, I understand the concept of them learning about the various issues on a deeper level and understanding the ramifications of the proposals and policies. That they need to compromise and work together.

But when push comes to shove it’s the voter they are supposed to watch out for, not the special interests and big corporations with money to fund their campaign, or the lobbyist that scratches their back. We don’t need “professional” politicians… just people.

To me that’s why we need term limits. To kept it an amateur “sport”. And to put some “common” back into the common sense solutions to whatever problems we face.

This year in particular (although it happens frequently in elections I’m sure) I’ve noticed that several losing primary candidates, instead of fading into the background or offering support to the winner, have chosen to either offer themselves as a third party (or independent) candidate, or go with the ‘write-in’ route.

This is telling. And what it tells me is that they are more concerned with the position than they are with the principles or the ideology involved. That they are professional politicians. In it for themselves, not their ‘constituents’.

Professional politicians go with the flow and tend to seek advantage and whatever side the find themselves on in an issue so be it. They like to call it “being a moderate”, middle of the road, or even better, “seekers of compromise and bi-partisanship“. Actually it’s called being wishy-washy.

This year it’s time for a change. You may be a Tea Party supporter, or a proud GOPer, or an outright Libertarian, but it seems that collectively all of you together are yelling that we’ve had it, enough is enough. Even many democrats have come on board with the need to redo what’s been done in the past in our nations capitol.

Frankly, there are some fine upstanding politicians that we need to return to Washington. They’ve stood up for us and deserve our support. We need to remember that none of them are going to be perfect in everybody’s eyes, so we need to overlook the minor things and take look at the big picture. Where are they on the fundamentals?

If we continue to nitpick and infight over how conservative a conservative is we are going to come up on the short end of the stick again. Again, let’s look at the fundamental philosophy of the candidates and support the best ones. The playing field has been established and the teams have been chosen.

Each and every race is important.

Will we have to go with the lesser of two evils? Possibly. But we can address that NEXT election and get out, find, and support candidates that are better suited to what we want representing us.

This election cycle is important. Maybe as important as any in recent memory. Yes, you may have to hold your nose and vote, but vote you must. Undoing what’s been done is going to be a big job, that’s even if some of it CAN be undone. Remember, there is much damage they are still willing to do. That’s the scary thing about this. THEY see their job as unfinished. We need to stop them now.

If not, Lord help us all.

Read John Hawkens at or find him on Twitter.





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