Wishy Washy Washington

17 09 2010

There’s a lot of talk about a rift between the “establishment” Republicans and the grass root conservative voters. Along with that we’ve seen some name calling and some hard feelings. Some folks seem to be wearing their feelings on there sleeve and patience is wearing thin.

The problem is a divide between the fundamental ideology of what it means to be conservative and republican, and how and who is representative of the body as a whole. We’ve seen a groundswell of grass root type conservatives that want to bring the party back in line with what they see as the parties roots, or at least its foundation. True conservatism. Morally and fiscally.

This conflicts with many long time republicans, those ‘establishment types’, that have been around a while and think that its best to “work” the system by making compromises and want to be seen as bi-partisan.

One of the problems with that is that the democrats tends to use it to their advantage and never want to reciprocate with compromises of their own.

Now straight up (and as ironic as it may sound) I see both sides point. Our ‘conservative’ leaders haven’t acted so conservative. We’ve been calling people ‘moderates’ when in truth they are actually liberals.

At the same time some of our grass root people are drawing lines in the sand that make good honest conservatives out to seem liberal.

Frankly, the name calling isn’t becoming to either side.

For the national leadership and many republicans that have been around awhile to come out and say some of what’s been said seems a tad childish and petty, and it’s quite foolish. On the other side, calling people that have worked tirelessly for conservative principles RINO’s and such makes them seem petty, uninformed, and foolish as well.

The establishment worries about control, while the base worries about principle.

We need to remember that control IS important. Committee chairmanships make a huge difference in getting legislation through and out for votes. With a liberal President in power the ability to hold and control hearings, and move bills is vastly important to conservatives. But, having 51 of “yours” doesn’t mean nearly so much when 2 or 3 of “yours” are voting with “them” on many of those issues of importance. That’s something we’ve seen time and time again over the last few years.

One thing I do know is that no matter WHO got nominated to run in the general election we need to now come together and work to get those folks elected. Nobody should be unelectable if we get the message and our vote out. Namecalling ain’t gonna get one single vote. This election is important people.

Next time the national republican party needs to have a little bit more of an open door policy where supporting candidates is concerned. Throwing all the weight behind candidates that don’t quite fit the true ideology of the party while giving little or no support to true republicans just because they ‘think’ they are aren’t electable, not supporting those dark horses, got it bit this time.

They need to listen more to the base. Quite assuming you know what the people want. That is, after all, who your supposed to be representing isn’t it?

Statesmanship, and making real and honest compromises, there isn’t one thing wrong with. It’s what we expect out of those representing us. But tit for tat, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, isn’t anything at all like good government.

If the Tea Party has taught us one thing it should be that wishy washy isn’t what we’re looking for in Washington. Ideas, ideals, principles, and a backbone. That’s the ticket.






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17 09 2010
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18 09 2010

Absolutely. In Delaware O’Donnell needs to be elected. Unfortunately, in MO we have a long time DC insider who says “he has seen the light”. Either way we must vote Blunt and work hard to hold his feet to the fire. Does us no good to elect another Democrat lapdog for Obama and Reid.

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