15 09 2010
I was watching a bit of election coverage last night on CNN and, during a discussion of the Delaware vote, heard one of the panel of pundits assembled there make the comment that he keeps hearing the Tea Partiers saying they want to take their government back. He asked something to the effect of “Back to what? The 60’s?” For the life of him he couldn’t pinpoint what it was all those people wanted out of their government.

Well, all he had to do to get his answer was to quit looking for swastikas on signs at the Tea Party rallies and actually read some of the messages. (If he wanted to see swastikas all he had to do was to have CNN pull any of its archived footage of just about any anti-Bush rally and he’d see plenty of them.)

Well, what do we want?

First we want control back. We want to be in charge of our lives again. And that of our family. We know that there are people out there that care deeply about humankind and come up with all kind of ways to help keep us safe and healthy, but the bottom line is this: we want the choice to be ours. We know that things like being overweight can kill us and many things that were once common have turned out to be bad, but if we want to eat a double cheese double bacon fatburger we want to have the final yea or nay. The government and various researchers have done some great work studying our world and their warnings their are fine and dandy, but that’s about the extent of what governments involvement should be.

We want control of government back. We want our votes to count. We don’t want politicians telling us one thing and doing another, and we sure don’t want them pandering to us for our votes then answering to those with deep pockets with theirs. Corporations and special interests may have a lot of money to contribute but they don’t vote. People do. That right there is the number one reason most people want term limits, so our representatives don’t forget how they got there. Too many have done so. The result is many people distrusting the government and not believing in the system anymore.

We want our justice system back. We want judges that enforce laws, not make them up as they go. We want criminals punished. Went want the intent of the public to be heard and don’t want the constitution bent to conform with how someone thinks that intent can be circumvented. Just because someone wants to jump off a cliff doesn’t mean everybody has to. That ‘if it feels good do it’ attitude has got us in a world of hurt.

We want our schools back. That’s not a racial thing, that’s a “We’re the best there is” thing. We used to be just that, the best there was. Washington and a few social engineers have taken that away from us and we are falling further and further down the list. We want it back. We want our kids taught, as in actually educated. It’s time the experiment comes to an end. Educate our kids and you’ll solve most of the social ills this country faces, from poverty to crime and the whole gambit of things that lie between. We want to be #1 again. That starts with education.

We want our money back. We are tired of the pork and the giveaways. Tired of stimulus’s that don’t stimulate anything, only line the pockets of special interests and politicians friends. Charity begins at home and that’s where it should stay. The American people have throughout history been the most generous people in the world, and we still would be if the government would quit taking our money and giving it away for us. That’s not your job Mr. Government man. Our taxes should go for government services, not the tons of extra curricular things we see every day. Waste not want not, as they say.

We want our businesses back. We want the burdens off the back of the free enterprise system and the regulations regulating that things only be proper and right, not some quazi method of control and manipulation for the benefit of unions or special interests or social engineering like what happened with the housing loan fiasco. We are tired of seeing jobs go overseas due to the high costs of compliance, or inordinate demands of unions here at home. Get out of the way and let the people themselves stimulate, create, and build this nation back into the greatest nation on earth. Do that and you’ll see our nations tax coffers rise as well.

The people that wrote our constitution seemed to know quite well what they were doing. They argued and fussed and stewed and stammered for a good while before they settled on what was written there, even inserting a few other things just to be sure and on the safe side. And it seemed to have worked quite well for a long, long time. They also knew what their intentions were with what was written therein and it was never meant to be open to interpretation. Quit trying to figure out new ways of making those words fit with an entirely knew meaning. It’s akin to blasphemy. It cheapens both our history and the sacrifice of our founding fathers, along with our constitution and our country itself.

Those are a few of the things we want.






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