The Car and The Driver (or Obama’s “Metaphor”)

18 08 2010

A while back Obama started using a metaphor about a car (our economy) getting run into the ditch by President Bush and how he, Obama, and the democrats are trying the best they can to steer the car out of the ditch.

This is a PERFECT example of what’s wrong with America today – This “metaphor” shows that Obama (and many people in general) don’t understand who the driver really is.

Let’s get this story right:

The President: He’s the mechanic. Has his shop and all his tools and try’s to keep everything maintained and lubed. Its up to his skill and knowledge to keep the car in good condition, in compliance with inspections, and safe to operate. That’s about all a good mechanic can do.

The rest is up to the driver.

The Congress: That’s the driver. He’s the one that has to keep everything between the ditches. Not run over anybody or hit anything. Not go too fast and get a ticket, or blow up the engine. The driver decides when to get the oil changed, and what type gas to use. If the driver is reckless, well there really isn’t much the mechanic can do but try to keep the car running the best he can.

From 2001 – 2006 George Bush was the chief mechanic and things went along pretty dang well, despite some pretty bad road conditions. The driver that was operating the car (the republicans) took his good advice pretty well and the thing ran just fine and dandy. In fact, even with some mighty big potholes and terrible road conditions the car performed much better than one would have thought. It even set some fairly impressive records along the way. But…

In 2006 we decided to get a new driver (the democrats). It was in 2007 that the car ran into the ditch. The mechanic we had tried his best to give them a towrope to help them get out, but they didn’t want it. They said that they could get us out of the ditch just fine without him. In fact…

In 2008 they convinced everybody that running into the ditch was the mechanics fault and that the car need a new mechanic, and that we should hire the new inexperienced one that said he could fix anything. After all what that car needed was just to show the ditch some love and everything would be hunky dory.

Now, two years later, the car is STILL in the ditch and the tires have dug in deeper from all the spinning trying to get out. And we’ve spent up a ton of money trying various things to try to lift the car up out of the ditch, but it hasn’t worked (even though they say it is…) and now it looks like the waters coming up and things don’t look good for the future of the car…

But they keep saying that the reason for all the problems with getting the car out of the ditch is because of the old mechanic. And some people are foolish enough to keep believing it.





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18 08 2010
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