My top 25. (Shouldn’t that be bottom?)

13 08 2010
Thanks to blogger extraordinaire John Hawkins and Right Wing News there are several ‘lists’ of the “Worst figures in American History” making the rounds right now, so I thought I’d do one, too.

We ARE talking about people in the historical context of American history (people that damaged our country) aren’t we, not just political in scope and nature? I could make it more political, but that just wouldn’t do justice to history would it? Sure there is plenty of reason to hate on the Jane Fonda’s and Michael Moore’s of the world, but that would probably be giving them more credit than they deserve. And yes Barack Obama seems to wanna stake out first place on the worst Presidents of all time list, but its early yet… Anyway, here’s my take:

1 – Osama Bin Laden (His actions will turn out to be the costliest in its human toll and expenditure of time, resources, and money)

2 – The Rosenburgs (what they did had world wide negative consequences)

3 – Benedict Arnold (his name is synonymous with evil intent)

4 – Timothy McVeigh

5 – Jeffery Daimler

6 – Charles Manson

7 – Lee Harvey Oswald

8 – John Wilkes Booth

9 – Margaret Sanger

10- Aldrich Ames

11- Jim Jones

12- Sirhan Sirhan

13- James Earl Ray

14- William Tweed

15- Malcolm X

16- Arthur Bremer

17- Ted Bundy

18- David Berkowitz

19- Bernard Madoff

20- Warren G Harding

21- Franklin Roosevelt

22- Larry Flynt

23- Louis Farrakhan

24- Timothy Leary

25- Jimmy Carter (Why? Not only did Carter sink the economy along with the national psyche, but caused negative reactions and turmoil in the middle east that last until this day.)





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