22 07 2010
If I were king over the (NASCAR) Nationwide series what I’d do about the incident Saturday night is :

A. Penalize Carl Edward retroactivly1 lap (taking away his win and making him to have finished 16th)

B. Take away 100 driver points.

C. Fine him $30,000.00

D. Suspend him 1 race.

E. Place him under probation for the rest of the year.

Maybe this way he’d understand the concept of rubbing being racing but wrecking being wrong. Edwards crossed the line and blatantly wrecked another driver, placing that driver, along with other drivers, spectators, and officials at risk of life and limb.

There is a BIG difference in rubbing someone and them not being skillful enough to avoid spinning or wrecking and blatantly turning someone into the wall. What Edwards did could easily have been viewed as being criminally negligent, especially had Keselowski been injured or killed.

It’ll come to that someday, too, sports figures being charged for what they do while they are performing. Many in the world of sports are viewed now as being too big for their britches and are finding themselves no longer ‘above the law’, as many seemingly once were. Be it an illegal block, or putting a car into the wall, reckless acts can’t be tolerated. Too much money involved now. Too many people.

Sure, equipments safer now than ever, and it’s getting better all the time, but nothing is a sure thing. Negligence is negligence and stupidity is stupidity. Both should be avoided. When a sports figure acts stupid and does something negligent there really should be a price to be paid.







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