6 07 2010

On Smoking Bans

Researchers Scott Adams and Chad Cotti did a study that found when smokers who also drink alcohol were faced with a smoking ban they would opt to drive further away to a location where those bans didn’t exist. This seems to mean that these smokers that had been drinking were also driving longer distances after having been out drinking.

The study also found that there was a 13 percent increase in drunk driving fatalities in the areas with smoking bans. This leaves me to wonder if people were just opting to drive around and smoke and drink instead of going to bars and restaurants to avoid the smoking bans.

On Sexual Predators

In most instances it has been left to probation and parole officials to keep up with criminal types once that are back out on the streets. The police are often able to track these people and keep close eye on them. They are what some call “the usual suspects”. When it came to sex offenders however, the public wanted much more in the way of being able to keeping an eye on dangerous predators that might be living among us.

Enter the ’Sex Offender Registry’ and limits on where these offenders can live.

It has recently been shown that public sex offender registries and living restrictions have caused many sexual predators to basically become homeless, go underground, and disappear off police radar altogether. The tighter restrictions seems to have had the opposite effect of its intentions. Now we have no clue where a lot of these sicko’s are.

On the Border:

A massive gun battle in Mexico just 12 miles south of Arizona left 21 people dead a few days ago. The gunfight, near Nogales was between rival drug smugglers and smugglers of illegal immigrants over control of the area. The gun violence that has been spilling over the border between Mexico and Arizona is one of the reasons Arizona has sought to strengthen enforcement efforts to combat the high influx of illegal aliens there.

In an effort to remain ‘politically correct’ and not offend Hispanics the Federal Government seems to be intent on suing the state of Arizona to prevent enforcement of the new law. Seems dead people are less offensive than police enforcing the law. Somehow checking the nationality of people suspected of being in the country illegally is a big no no now.


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