No Respect

5 07 2010

Recently a group of 238 “Scholar’s” presented a list, ranking what they considered the pest president on down to the worst. Somehow I’m not surprised that George W. Bush ranked near the bottom. He has become the Rodney Dangerfield of Presidents. No surprise either that FDR ranked first.

What IS surprising is that Obama entered the rankings landing in fifteenth position, ahead of Ronald Reagan who was ranked eighteenth. (Clinton beat them both, making the Siena College Research Institute poll at number thirteen if I’m not mistaken)

Ranked as 39th George W. Bush was said to have left Obama two wars and was faulted for the current recession. He also got low marks for his foreign policy, lack of ability to make compromises, and also for his so called lack of intelligence.

Obama got high marks for his intelligence, his imagination, and his skill at communications (which leaves me to wonder if these “scholar‘s” ever saw him try to talk off the cuff and without a teleprompter).

So far Obama has shown nothing as far as intelligence or ability is concerned.

Well, I think it’s a pretty good list… for a comedy bit. It’s a joke.

I know I come across sometimes as a cheerleader for George W. Bush, but I get tired of a lot of the bogus, bias statements used to describe him. Was he the best pres ever? Far from it. But to slam him with slanted facts…

First, he didn’t saddle Obama with two wars. One was for the largest part over, done, and won, thanks to Bush going ahead and doing what Obama and the rest on the left said wouldn‘t work and shouldn‘t be done. He left Obama to insure the peace that had been won.

Afghanistan is a continuation of the aftermath of 9/11 which somehow keeps getting forgotten by those on the left. The fight against terrorism, if to be won, will take years and years into the future (which Bush mentioned many more times than once).

The biggest problem Bush faced in both Iraq and Afghanistan was with the left right here at home in the US. If not for the Bush bashing, backbiting, and sniping from the left, Obama may well have had neither to deal with.

Second, President Bush holds a MBA from Harvard no less. Many of his critics couldn’t come close to getting into Harvard, much less Yale where he started his college years. Few Presidents ever held an advanced degree. PLUS President Bush was a fighter pilot in the Guard, where he earned high marks from his superiors, flying more hours than required.

Our country doesn’t let dummies fly its fighter planes no matter who their daddy is. And to slam his Guard service is to slam the service of thousands of people that served honorably in the National Guard (which by the way was no exemption for being sent to Vietnam, as many were).

Third, few if any Presidents faced the challenges that Bush did. From terror attacks that nearly brought the country to its knees to multiple hurricanes and an economy brought down despite warnings from practically day one telling us it was coming, not many have faced as many challenges that did as much damage to our country as he did.

Even the political challenge (with accompanying lies and character assassination) Bush faced was unprecedented. Without those challenges and with the state of the economy left him by a republican controlled congress (which many wrongly give credit to Clinton for) his Presidency could well have been one of the greatest.

I’ll give FDR his due as a President that faced and overcame some mighty big challenges, but some of those challenges even helped him get through some of the others. We forget about the ineptness and unpreparedness of our military before WW2 which was on the horizon for years prior to Japan and Pearl Harbor. FDR gathers a lot of his greatness off the backs of a great American People who rose to fight those challenges the country faced. Some of it despite FDR, not because of him.

I’m assuming that many of the so called scholars here are some of the same ones that preach and push anti-Americanism and socialism in our Universities today, which speaks volumes about this “list”.





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5 07 2010
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