First priority?

30 07 2010
I think the next course of action by Arizona (outside of the appeal) should be to try and sue the INS and Customs for failing to enforce federal law and thereby placing an undue burden on the state.
I’ve never heard of a laws being hard or costly to enforce be a reason for it to not to be enforced. I can’t imagine my local law enforcement agency trying to make the claim that they won’t enforce certain laws because of the cost, or place a burden upon another agency, or better yet failing to prosecute a criminal because the trial would be costly… that would constitute malfeasance.
It’s common practice for law enforcement officers to check a national database for wants, warrants and criminal histories of people they stop, even for minor offenses like speeding. That’s what that data base exists for. There is a cost for it, and to argue that it is costly so shouldn’t exist would be insane. If there is a cost associated with checking the legality of a persons very existence in this country, when you have reason to suspect that they are here illegally, surely it’s a cost we need to bare.
The sole purpose we have laws is because we don’t want what they prohibit to happen. To blindly allow it to continue is the same as participating in that crime, and not something that a court should ever endorse. Nor a President.

Face it, one of the most important functions of our federal government is to protect the many states which make it up, and the largest part of that is in controlling the borders of that collective body. To allow others to pour across our borders is akin to sitting back and allowing a foreign army to march in. Repelling this invasion should be the first priority of our government one would think.

First priority it’s not. Why? Pure politics.

What’s really disturbing to me about this is that the real victims of the influx of this mass of illegal aliens are some of the people who, perhaps unwittingly’ are some of the main groups supporting them.

Citizens of Hispanic decent or legal resident aliens and visitors are often mistaken for being “illegal’s”, or suffer discrimination because of the problems that illegal’s have brought to this country. American citizens that are so desperately in need of jobs are forced to compete against them, therefore resentment against Hispanics runs high.

Black Americans, who have fought so long and hard to elevate their place in society, stand to fall further and further behind as position and power is diluted and swallowed up by illegal’s flowing across our borders. Yet many stand arm in arm with the illegal’s as if somehow the plight of those that choose to circumvent the law and sneak into this country is somehow akin to their own struggle for equality. There is no “equality” or racial struggle here. The fight here is about the rule of law. And money. And believe me “they”, those illegal’s you rally for, don’t really care about “you”.

Straight up, I love Mexico. I’ve traveled there often in the past and from the west coast to the Yucatan I’ve found it full of some of the friendliest, hardest working, aiming to please people on earth. Yet at the same time conditions there were for the most part horrid. It’s easy to see why they wish to leave.

America has a long proud history of welcoming foreigners to our shores. These immigrants have brought with them great knowledge and work ethic which has done nothing but strengthen our country. We still to this day welcome these people. Most of us can trace our personal heritage back to forefathers that arrived on Ellis Island or some other port. But…

There HAS to be some method instead of this madness. Especially now at a time when our own citizenry is struggling with such high unemployment and other costs that have such huge impact on our everyday lives.

And don’t think for one minute that the countries that these illegal aliens are coming from aren’t glad to see them leave. It’s a huge relief on their own society to have this population of their poor leave for greener pastures, not to mention the benefits of the billions of US Dollars that these illegal’s suck out of our economy and send back home to them.

It’s not surprising at all to see the Mexican President supporting a larger and larger percent of his countries population leaving for America, and worrying so that we treat them well. It’s a export that adds to the Mexican GNP.

One of the sadist reasons to support this flood of illegal immigrants has nothing to do with the need for pea pickers or fruit harvesters or cheap day laborers or painter and landscapers. It voters.

Amnesty for illegal aliens stands to create a huge voting block for those that support such a thing, and amnesty is what the goal really is. That’s not just restricted to the democrats either, for Bush stirred those waters as well… perhaps with more honest motivations even. He had ties to the Hispanic community that Obama lacks.

Even though these people are a burden on our schools, hospitals, welfare, and the general social security and take away much in the way of resources needed by the native population of this country, all that gets overlooked when politicians start looking at future votes and voters. Somehow those costs pale in comparison to the personal and political gain that’s stood to be made.

Making the argument that a state doesn’t have a place or stake in enforcing federal law is ludicrous on many levels. First and foremost is the fact that the government represents the people, not the entity of the government its own self. While the argument can be made that immigration is the province of the federal so would be the mail, and don’t think for a minute that they wouldn’t expect local help with law enforcement there. The law is the law, be it breaking into First National Bank, or breaking into the State of Arizona.

Failing to adequately enforce of immigration law, and even burdening and blocking others attempts at controlling that influx only serves to solidify, legitimatize, and promote an underclass and contribute to the increase of the poverty level in America. It serves the purpose of the bureaucrat at the expense of the taxpayer. Instead of building up our nation as legal immigration does, it tears our country down.

Legal immigrants come here seeking to become one of us. To join in and contribute and reap the rewards that America represents and provides. Many illegal’s come here also to partake of those rewards. But many have no intention of contributing any more than they have to and have no intention of “joining” in anything. They want to be, as they used to say, separate but equal. They plant their flag on our soil and demand the benefits thereof.

True enough, we do benefit from the labor. It keeps prices cheap and makes much that would be out of reach affordable to many. But at the same time there is a high price to be paid by society as a whole. Many come here because of the conditions they face back home. They seek to provide for themselves and their families and who can fault them for that? The solution we should be working toward isn’t granting any amnesty, but finding ways we can legitimatize and legalize the benefits while at the same time controlling the access.

If we need the laborers we need to find a way to bring them in legally. Let them work and earn the money they need to support their families back at home, pay taxes here, the when the time comes leave, go back home and make wherever that is a better place to be.

We love immigrants. We don’t mind the workers. Legal ones. The leeches we can do without.



While I’m talking race’n..

26 07 2010

Why isn’t IndyCar Series Racing any more popular than it is?

Well, if you watched Sunday you already know the answer. (It’s apparantly not really racing, either.)



22 07 2010
If I were king over the (NASCAR) Nationwide series what I’d do about the incident Saturday night is :

A. Penalize Carl Edward retroactivly1 lap (taking away his win and making him to have finished 16th)

B. Take away 100 driver points.

C. Fine him $30,000.00

D. Suspend him 1 race.

E. Place him under probation for the rest of the year.

Maybe this way he’d understand the concept of rubbing being racing but wrecking being wrong. Edwards crossed the line and blatantly wrecked another driver, placing that driver, along with other drivers, spectators, and officials at risk of life and limb.

There is a BIG difference in rubbing someone and them not being skillful enough to avoid spinning or wrecking and blatantly turning someone into the wall. What Edwards did could easily have been viewed as being criminally negligent, especially had Keselowski been injured or killed.

It’ll come to that someday, too, sports figures being charged for what they do while they are performing. Many in the world of sports are viewed now as being too big for their britches and are finding themselves no longer ‘above the law’, as many seemingly once were. Be it an illegal block, or putting a car into the wall, reckless acts can’t be tolerated. Too much money involved now. Too many people.

Sure, equipments safer now than ever, and it’s getting better all the time, but nothing is a sure thing. Negligence is negligence and stupidity is stupidity. Both should be avoided. When a sports figure acts stupid and does something negligent there really should be a price to be paid.




Mom, I miss you so bad.

13 07 2010

July 2, 1924 – July 13, 2001

              You are in my heart always and forever

13 07 2010

Lyrics | Jon Heintz – Rain lyrics


6 07 2010

On Smoking Bans

Researchers Scott Adams and Chad Cotti did a study that found when smokers who also drink alcohol were faced with a smoking ban they would opt to drive further away to a location where those bans didn’t exist. This seems to mean that these smokers that had been drinking were also driving longer distances after having been out drinking.

The study also found that there was a 13 percent increase in drunk driving fatalities in the areas with smoking bans. This leaves me to wonder if people were just opting to drive around and smoke and drink instead of going to bars and restaurants to avoid the smoking bans.

On Sexual Predators

In most instances it has been left to probation and parole officials to keep up with criminal types once that are back out on the streets. The police are often able to track these people and keep close eye on them. They are what some call “the usual suspects”. When it came to sex offenders however, the public wanted much more in the way of being able to keeping an eye on dangerous predators that might be living among us.

Enter the ’Sex Offender Registry’ and limits on where these offenders can live.

It has recently been shown that public sex offender registries and living restrictions have caused many sexual predators to basically become homeless, go underground, and disappear off police radar altogether. The tighter restrictions seems to have had the opposite effect of its intentions. Now we have no clue where a lot of these sicko’s are.

On the Border:

A massive gun battle in Mexico just 12 miles south of Arizona left 21 people dead a few days ago. The gunfight, near Nogales was between rival drug smugglers and smugglers of illegal immigrants over control of the area. The gun violence that has been spilling over the border between Mexico and Arizona is one of the reasons Arizona has sought to strengthen enforcement efforts to combat the high influx of illegal aliens there.

In an effort to remain ‘politically correct’ and not offend Hispanics the Federal Government seems to be intent on suing the state of Arizona to prevent enforcement of the new law. Seems dead people are less offensive than police enforcing the law. Somehow checking the nationality of people suspected of being in the country illegally is a big no no now.


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No Respect

5 07 2010

Recently a group of 238 “Scholar’s” presented a list, ranking what they considered the pest president on down to the worst. Somehow I’m not surprised that George W. Bush ranked near the bottom. He has become the Rodney Dangerfield of Presidents. No surprise either that FDR ranked first.

What IS surprising is that Obama entered the rankings landing in fifteenth position, ahead of Ronald Reagan who was ranked eighteenth. (Clinton beat them both, making the Siena College Research Institute poll at number thirteen if I’m not mistaken)

Ranked as 39th George W. Bush was said to have left Obama two wars and was faulted for the current recession. He also got low marks for his foreign policy, lack of ability to make compromises, and also for his so called lack of intelligence.

Obama got high marks for his intelligence, his imagination, and his skill at communications (which leaves me to wonder if these “scholar‘s” ever saw him try to talk off the cuff and without a teleprompter).

So far Obama has shown nothing as far as intelligence or ability is concerned.

Well, I think it’s a pretty good list… for a comedy bit. It’s a joke.

I know I come across sometimes as a cheerleader for George W. Bush, but I get tired of a lot of the bogus, bias statements used to describe him. Was he the best pres ever? Far from it. But to slam him with slanted facts…

First, he didn’t saddle Obama with two wars. One was for the largest part over, done, and won, thanks to Bush going ahead and doing what Obama and the rest on the left said wouldn‘t work and shouldn‘t be done. He left Obama to insure the peace that had been won.

Afghanistan is a continuation of the aftermath of 9/11 which somehow keeps getting forgotten by those on the left. The fight against terrorism, if to be won, will take years and years into the future (which Bush mentioned many more times than once).

The biggest problem Bush faced in both Iraq and Afghanistan was with the left right here at home in the US. If not for the Bush bashing, backbiting, and sniping from the left, Obama may well have had neither to deal with.

Second, President Bush holds a MBA from Harvard no less. Many of his critics couldn’t come close to getting into Harvard, much less Yale where he started his college years. Few Presidents ever held an advanced degree. PLUS President Bush was a fighter pilot in the Guard, where he earned high marks from his superiors, flying more hours than required.

Our country doesn’t let dummies fly its fighter planes no matter who their daddy is. And to slam his Guard service is to slam the service of thousands of people that served honorably in the National Guard (which by the way was no exemption for being sent to Vietnam, as many were).

Third, few if any Presidents faced the challenges that Bush did. From terror attacks that nearly brought the country to its knees to multiple hurricanes and an economy brought down despite warnings from practically day one telling us it was coming, not many have faced as many challenges that did as much damage to our country as he did.

Even the political challenge (with accompanying lies and character assassination) Bush faced was unprecedented. Without those challenges and with the state of the economy left him by a republican controlled congress (which many wrongly give credit to Clinton for) his Presidency could well have been one of the greatest.

I’ll give FDR his due as a President that faced and overcame some mighty big challenges, but some of those challenges even helped him get through some of the others. We forget about the ineptness and unpreparedness of our military before WW2 which was on the horizon for years prior to Japan and Pearl Harbor. FDR gathers a lot of his greatness off the backs of a great American People who rose to fight those challenges the country faced. Some of it despite FDR, not because of him.

I’m assuming that many of the so called scholars here are some of the same ones that preach and push anti-Americanism and socialism in our Universities today, which speaks volumes about this “list”.