Social Justice

16 05 2010

Someone recently asked the question ‘What is Social Justice’? Someone answered ‘Communism’. Seems right, after all, Communism purports to be all about sharing equally the collective output of society. Is it the right answer though?

That’s the easy take on it and the one people usually default to. Sadly however “social justice” isn’t in giving anything solid or sharing anything real. And what we are talking about here isn’t in any equal sharing among society. Communism has failed, or is failing everywhere it has been tried. So too our efforts at “Social Justice”.

In reality Social Justice is found just in allowing the opportunity to let man (or woman) achieve what he wishes to achieve through his own abilities. It’s the right to soar to the heavens, or fail. Social Justice isn’t any guarantee.

As that prized piece of paper says “all men are created equal”. Where we failed any “social justice” is in hindering opportunity. That is something you can’t wave a magic wand and fix, or correct through redistributing or “sharing wealth”. It can only be achieved by educating ALL our children to the best they can be educated, and the allowance of time.

What many see as social justice is actually just the opposite. The hand up becomes the hand controlling. We’ve made people lazy and not live up to their potential by pretending to “make up” for some past injustice. We make victims out of people and make them believe life owes them something unearned. In doing so they contribute nothing and teach others that no contribution is necessary. It becomes their legacy. Victims of, well, being victims.

Giving a pass and making excuses is perhaps the greatest injustice done to people. They become slaves once again to the master that doles out what they believe (or told) they have coming. Controlled and used, not for any benefit of themselves really, but to benefit their master.

If we are ever to achieve any form of real equality and secure that elusive “Social Justice” that so many seek, we have to make a real and unbiased effort to give our future generations the very best education possible. And if this country is to remain the greatest country on Earth that education MUST be the best there is. Period.