Tell me Mr. Government man…

25 03 2010
Lets see if I’ve got this right. He’s cutting Medicare by 500 Billion dollars, and with that money he’s gonna expand Medicaid and give subsidies to people without insurance. There will be less money in Medicare so he’s gonna cut what it will pay for, and how much it will pay to Doctors causing some of them to shut there doors, others not accept insurance and Medicare, and most all of the others to take less time with and do less for their patients, so they can see more patients quicker to keep up with the people who don’t have their regular doctor anymore… and this helps people on Medicare how?

Insurance Companies would be forbidden to refuse coverage to people that are already ill, PLUS those companies have to accept people as old as 26 as children on family plans… as if this won’t cost insurance companies a gazillion dollars to do, which they will have to turn around a charge their policy holders for, or go out of business, which will make insurance less affordable and cause more people to seek help from the government (taxpayer) which will cost the government (taxpayer) more and more and more in a vicious circle till there is no private insurance left… except for the wealthy who will probably be flying to Brazil, or India, or (like Rush said) Costa Rica for healthcare anyway as that’s where all our good doctors will probably be headed.

ALSO, to help pay for what the government (taxpayer)is gonna pay for (about a TRILLION DOLLARS worth, cause remember, this isn’t gonna raise the deficit any), they are gonna charge “the Rich” (better known as the “employed”) more in taxes AND also more taxes on the Insurance Companies AND pharmaceutical companies AND the companies that make those wonderful machines that save peoples lives by jumpstarting hearts and locating cancers, and dialysiscizing there blood and junk… as if that won’t make insurance, drugs, and all that equipment that doctors and hospitals have to cost a whole bunch more. (All this time I thought that cost was the BIG issue with healthcare… you know, why people couldn’t afford it and junk.)

Tell me something Mr. Government man. How is healthcare gonna be any cheaper if it cost more?






One response

25 03 2010

Gives all new meaning to ‘Doctos Without Borders’-they will be leaving in droves and a lot of them will quit their professions due to conscience. Welcome to Amerikihistan.

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