American shame…

11 03 2010

Remember when the wall came down? How proud we were that socialism had been defeated and that freedom, democracy, and the American dream and ideal had won the day? Socialism failed on a grand worldwide scale. It’s promise was a pipedream, built upon the sweat of a population that slowly found itself unable and unwilling to keep toiling for no reward. Completely in failure that populace tore down that wall and joined the rest of us in a robust marketbased economy.

Sadly now we find our own citizenry on the verge of taking hold the siren song of socialism. Lazy and greedy, many of our own now only see and want what John F. Kennedy himself famously warned against: Asking of their country what they are unwilling to provide for themselves. A recipe for national disaster. No need to earn what one believes he is entitled to…

Hundreds of thousands of American lives and countless American riches were spent fighting around the world what we now seem to be willingly embraceing, with our own President and many in Congress leading the charge toward this change. 

Here, at a time when we should be exibiting our greatness, we seem to cower and retreat. Apologizing to the world for our great success. Our finest hour seems to have come, and now we seek ourselves to stomp it out and join the world of lesser fortune. Instead of leading the world to a better day, we just want to run somewhere in the pack…

Not long ago this country was the greatest country on the face of the earth. Capitolism and free markets created vast wealth and alleviated great suffering, and reached out to the world with a helping hand up. Now we turn our back on what got us there, criticizing ourselves for our greatness and attacking our own who lead us to that greatness as if they were pure evil for providing such promise.

It’s an American shame.





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12 03 2010
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12 03 2010

Obama seems interested in only two things-government control and distributing wealth that isn’t his. If that’s not socialism/marxism I’d like to know what it. He ran as a moderate and swung far left immediately. He duped everyone. I hope the country can survive this idiocy. The joke’s over-you can bring Bush back now.

12 03 2010

I feel your pain. Be strong, there’s lots of us who feel the same.

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