Missing the point…

24 01 2010

Something tells me they are still missing the point. President Obama wasted little time trying to explain that he had got the message from Massachusetts Election of Scott Brown. Jobs jobs jobs, he said. That’s the reason. He just hadn’t adequately explained just how many jobs he’s created, or, once again, the voter hadn’t understood just how bad the Bush administration had effected the world and he just hadn’t been able to overcome the deep deep hole we’d been left in by the past policies of said administration.

Somehow he missed that that wasn’t the point of what it was that ruined the dreams of keeping Kennedy’s seat as a liberal entitlement and legacy to Teddy. What happened was the voters got fed up. Fed up with ALL of it. The back room deals. The tossing of billions and trillions of dollars out, trying to buy progress. Giving away the house on healthcare. The appearance of open and outright bribing fellow senators for votes. The hiding behind closed doors, then telling us his is the most open administration in history, which is obvious to even the oblivious that its not so. Trying to place the blame of it all on Bush. Even the press blinked at most of that.

People are mad about the huge bailouts. Tossing good money after bad. It’s OUR money after all. And the final writing of that policy was yours Mr. Obama. Yours and the democrats in congress. Republicans not allowed, remember? And it’s scary to think that our government can virtually take over a huge corporation and a President can force a change of who runs it instead if its stockholders.

The people ARE mad that you haven’t created the jobs you claimed you would. You’ve spent trillions and you said that would save jobs, yet unemployment steadily climbs. You’ve even resorted to changing the way jobs are reported to try and make you look better. It didn’t work.

We expected a legitimate attempt at addressing the needs of so many with healthcare, not a government coup of the industry. Sure, you did a lot to give things away, but you never attacked the reasons for the problems in the first place. And nobody has a clue what all this will actually cost. Not now, or in the future. And playing political games to get it done makes us all wonder what we are really getting. It looks too much like a political smorgasbord of patronage and payoffs than sound policy and legislation.

Congress made a game out of banking and lending with forcing banks to make loans to people that couldn’t afford them, and in fighting off regulation that would hurt programs put in place to help “constituents”. It was the democrats that fought those regulations, not Bush and the republicans. It was you and yours who built the problems into the housing market and set it up for collapse. The failures in that industry is on your shoulders, yet you want to place the blame, first on Bush, and now on the Banks. There is a saying now – “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Well, don’t hate the banks for playing the game you yourself had great part in setting up Mr. President. You were right there in the beginning on that.

On openness in government you even left the press scratching their collective heads at the answers your spokesman gave when inquiries were made as to why you weren’t living up to the many promises you made to have the healthcare debate open to the world on C-SPAN. Do you not think we noticed that everything was being done behind closed doors. Almost everything you do is behind closed doors. Proclaiming your openness doesn’t make it so. Hiding things is something you seem to excel at.

Mr. President, you’ve missed the point. People felt that the Bush administration had gotten too intrusive into our lives with its war on terror. The change people were looking for in electing you was less government intrusion into our lives, not more. The people felt like there was too much partisanship in Washington. A change from all the bickering in politics was what we hoped for, not some dancing in the aisles “it‘s our turn now” “we won” rub it in orgy. The hope we had was for less waste and spending of our hard earned tax dollars. Less borrowing from China. Less putting good money after bad, not more. Our hope was for problems to be really solved, not paved or padded over with a cushion of cash. Cash we don’t have, but our grandchildren will have to somehow come up with.

In one year in office you’ve done none of that. You kept thinking that all the opposition out there, those “tea baggers” you so tongue in cheek vulgarly called them, were some lunatic fringe made up of gun right nuts, religious zealots, and racists. What you missed, and most likely continue to miss, is that is the mainstream. What you saw the other night, those are the voters. They are a reflection of the Hope and Change that America really wants. What the people were voting for when you were elected. Not what you’ve tried your best to sell us this past year. You missed the point.


Today… I know I’m inspired!

20 01 2010

Finally, some sanity shows thru in this messed up political world of ours. Even if it is only a little, it’s a beginning. The beginning of something big I hope. Now I have HOPE for a CHANGE!


I say…

16 01 2010



Chris Chris Chris…

13 01 2010

Chris Matthews wonders if Sarah Palin is an empty head after she refers to Joe Biden as “O’Biden”, yet he gets tingles up his leg with wonderous thoughts about President Obama… who thought that there were 57 States…

Besides, she was running for Vice President against Joe Biden. Joe “Gaff Machine” Biden. Fat lot of room for talk Joe leaves… Yep, Case Closed.