A day of remembrance…

11 09 2009

I was walking through the office where I work and the TV was playing (sound off and unnoticed by everyone else) in the corner. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the pictures of the burning building – the first tower hit. I brought everyone’s attention to what was going on… and we all watched in horror as the second plane struck. The rest of that day was spent in front of the television set, or on the phone with family and friends.

Today is 9-11. It’s a day we all should observe as a day of remembrance for those that died so tragically in those horrible acts of terror just a few years ago. Many seem to have forgotten, which is sad. We all joined together back then. We grew renewed pride in America. Patriotism soared. We remembered who we were, and why we were, and what it was that made us a great nation. Now, just a few years later…




One response

11 09 2009

And now just a few years later they are blaming Bush for it. Thank God he was in charge when it happened. We should be thanking him for all he did to make this country strong and supporting our troops. Getting pretty tired of hearing him put down, Obama sure as hell wouldnt have handled it.

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