No free lunch…

21 07 2009
There is nothing that man cannot make a little cheaper and sell for a little less and those for whom price is the only concern is this mans fair game. There is no free lunch.
Government run healthcare.

If this passes there is no going back. What do we stand to lose? – Research for starters. Right now we pay a high price for research due to the fact that the cost has been shifted to us when Canada and England nationalized healthcare (where a lot of the savings for them came from). Who will pay that cost? Perhaps no one… Second – Our top Doctors and researchers will leave for greener pastures, and who can blame them. Costs will be cut, and they are a lot of where that cost cutting will occur. Our premier hospitals are just that because of the system we have now. Where will the incentive be for a hospital to maintain top state of the art equipment and people if this fallacy of a program comes to be? There won’t be one. Where will you go when its do or die… well, in Canada and England its to the USA if they can afford it. That or perhaps die waiting… Some have. Where will we go? Mexico? Brazil? India? Where…

Sure there are people that can’t afford insurance, but there is NOBODY in the US that is denied healthcare right now. NOONE. People need to be made aware of what’s available, and yes there are things that can be done so more people CAN afford insurance and healthcare. One place to start is Tort Reform… ahhh, but nobody it talking about that. Why? Because most of the people debating this right now are Lawyers, and that THIER pocket your talking about with tort reform.

People, there is no such thing as something for nothing… and what you’re really talking about with this is trading our something for nothing. If you think government can do a good job running healthcare may I suggest you go and visit your local Social Security office, a DMV, or perhaps take a trip to any of the numerous other government agencies that are there to serve you and see just what it is you might expect.






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25 07 2009

Wow, you’re seriously clueless…

26 07 2009

Wow, we have a coat tail rider amoung us! Snarkle… cute.
Clueless? In what way? Make your case.
One good thing about this debate is that people are seriously looking at the issue, good and bad. There are some very good things out there that people are talking about. Real reforms that will do a lot of good for a lot of people. But there is an awful lot that can go bad…., and you’ll suffer the consequences just like me. We have an example, several actually, of just how wrong it can go. In Canada and the UK there is a whole industry set up to get people healthcare outside of what is provided them by their governments. Healthcare they have to leave there own country to receive. And just the other day we saw in headlines out of the UK how a young man died because he didn’t “fit” the government arbatrary requirements to get him the treatments needed… requirements that many people right here in America, the very ones everyone wants to help, might not be able to meet.
It all can’t be about money, a little common sense needs to come into play. We have the premier healthcare system in the world right now, and it could be so easily lost. Lost because of fools such as yourself that refuse to open your eyes and see past the politics of it all.
Lifes not a joke.
Your turn. Make your case.

27 07 2009

Nah, I’ll pass.

Talking to wingnuts is like beating off to a picture of sarah Palin – whatever brief moment of joy ensues is completely overshadowed by feelings of futility, and guilt.

There’s just no point.

(Though I will say that your opinions on the Professor Louis Gates/stupid cop matter were pretty funny).

27 07 2009

Well snarky, if thats all you got thats all you got. At least we know theres a tiny bit of shame in that otherwise void of a brain you’ve got. One of these days when you’ve actually got something to say come on back. I’d love to see you contribute something (other than sophomore jokes) to the debate on matters that like it or not will effect the both of us someday. But hey, if you got nothing you got nothing, so I understand your walking away.

29 07 2009

Sounds like one of my trolls found your blog-sorry. They just wont leave me alone and now they are going after my friends too. Typical lib-call names an run. Get slammed with facts and cry.
More outrage about the healthcare plan-abortions will increase 33 percent, and ethical professionals who object will be forced to perform them or risk losing their jobs. Not my America.

5 08 2009

What I’ve “got” and what I say to wingnuts with blogs are two entirely different things.

6 08 2009

THIS is what you say…which ain’t much, so I take it what you “got” fits the same. I’ve seen your sight and it speaks for itself (and for you, sad to say), nothing of any meaning or relevence there. ‘snarkle’… you even had to cop that from a real sight. But that typical of your type, no orginality. Shame, even the jokes are lame.

6 08 2009

I think the name he really needs to call us is “taxpayer”, Al. Funny how fast they forget that (except when they are in line at the welfare office)

7 08 2009

You mean “site,” right?


The homonym “sight” pertains to vision, to seeing, while “site” pertains, in this case, to blog.

Stupid wingnuts.

7 08 2009

I said what I mean and I mean what I say. Sorry if you don’t ‘get it’.

7 08 2009

Say Snarky, instead of the mean spirited stuff why don’t you give some real input into the issues of the day? Your bound to have a real opinion about something. After all, it all can’t be a joke can it? I’d love some real give and take on things. We can both sit here and patoot each other all day long, and in the end we’ll have gotten nowhere. I’ll just end up pissing you off and you’ll come up with some hurtful names to call me, and, well, you’ve only got so deep to dig for that sort of thing, and I’ve got facts and figures and history and stuff to go with. How about it? What about my post do you disagree with? If I’m so clueless, clue me in.

13 08 2009

Hey Al, havent talked to u in a while, just stopped by to make sure youre ok

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