No free lunch…

21 07 2009
There is nothing that man cannot make a little cheaper and sell for a little less and those for whom price is the only concern is this mans fair game. There is no free lunch.
Government run healthcare.

If this passes there is no going back. What do we stand to lose? – Research for starters. Right now we pay a high price for research due to the fact that the cost has been shifted to us when Canada and England nationalized healthcare (where a lot of the savings for them came from). Who will pay that cost? Perhaps no one… Second – Our top Doctors and researchers will leave for greener pastures, and who can blame them. Costs will be cut, and they are a lot of where that cost cutting will occur. Our premier hospitals are just that because of the system we have now. Where will the incentive be for a hospital to maintain top state of the art equipment and people if this fallacy of a program comes to be? There won’t be one. Where will you go when its do or die… well, in Canada and England its to the USA if they can afford it. That or perhaps die waiting… Some have. Where will we go? Mexico? Brazil? India? Where…

Sure there are people that can’t afford insurance, but there is NOBODY in the US that is denied healthcare right now. NOONE. People need to be made aware of what’s available, and yes there are things that can be done so more people CAN afford insurance and healthcare. One place to start is Tort Reform… ahhh, but nobody it talking about that. Why? Because most of the people debating this right now are Lawyers, and that THIER pocket your talking about with tort reform.

People, there is no such thing as something for nothing… and what you’re really talking about with this is trading our something for nothing. If you think government can do a good job running healthcare may I suggest you go and visit your local Social Security office, a DMV, or perhaps take a trip to any of the numerous other government agencies that are there to serve you and see just what it is you might expect.



40 years ago…

20 07 2009

…the world changed.

Today we celebrate history, a challenge, and mans will to accomplish the near impossible. We did it! We proved nothing is beyond the reach of a free people willing to reach for great things. “not because it is easy, but because it is hard!”

Given the chance we can do anything. As long as we have a government that believes in its people, we can.