In God we always trusted…

26 06 2009

I knew this was coming…

4 06 2009

Well, Obama went to Egypt. He directed a talk at the Muslim ‘world’. In my gut I’ve had the feeling that this ‘talk’ was coming for a good long while.

Is pandering and pacification the leading principles of our foreign policy now? It seems that is the road Obama has chosen for us. We were a shining example to the world… now we must apologize for our being so great?

For an American to say that America is responsible for problems or the poverty of the Middle East is either pandering or outright ignorant. With our help great wealth has been created in that region far far beyond the wildest imaginings of its inhabitants of the past. The fault for poverty in the region lies exclusively with the leadership and governments of the area. America isn’t a perfect country and our actions may not have always been perfect either, but we are far from the villain in that area.

First of all lets be clear, we didn’t start this. America wasn’t even discovered when the roots of this came to be back during the middle ages, and yes that is where the roots lie. We also didn’t bomb the USS Cole, the various embassies, night clubs, restaurants, bazaars, hotels, and the numerous other locations that “Muslim” extremists have set off their bombs in the name of Allah and Islam. And we didn’t bomb the World Trade Center (twice) like some of the wacko fringe on the left want to make people believe. They did.

We didn’t set up the State of Israel, though we surely support it. And we aren’t preventing the Palestinians from having their own state, as it‘s been our policy for years now to support that too. In fact we’ve spent a fairly large amount of money and political capital and a whole lot of years trying to help in the process of developing one for them.

And as far as repressing the people or taking advantage of the resources of the region, what good would those resources be to them without our need and where would their peoples be now anyway without the need for that resource? The money we’ve pumped into the middle east has hugely increased the standard of living for multitudes of people in the region, and those that still worry about those who ‘do without’ need only look to wealth of the state and its leaders to see the source of any repression there.

By and far the biggest problem we have in the middle east, and with the Muslim world for that matter, is misunderstanding. But that misunderstanding isn’t ours. It didn’t come from the Bush administration nor it’s predecessors. That misunderstanding has caused a much misguided hatred for America. And that misunderstanding comes directly from those that want to exert power and influence over the people of the region – the mullahs, and the sheiks, the moneyed, and the political and religious extremists of the region.

How dare they blame America for the troubles of their poor and oppressed while artificial islands and skyscrapers are being built. While his people starved Saddam built palaces, yet we are supposed the bad guy? The middle east has had untold western wealth poured its way, yet in places people beg in the street. No, I accept no responsibility for that as far as America is concerned.

Even in the poorer and less resource rich Asian Islamic areas America has poured vast amounts of money into the welfare and aid to the peoples of those countries. Lifting many out of poverty and bringing much needed infrastructure those countries. Bringing our expertise and aid, be it educational, medical, or military to a people desperate for it. Yet, those that want power preach hatred of us. They exploit their own and then point their finger at us.

Now we have an appeaser as President. Oh, his folks won’t like me saying that, but how else do you describe it? He’s an apologist and an appeaser. Where he should be pointing out our values and what they have meant for THEM, for it’s those very values that created the greatness of America that allowed us to do all we’ve done for them, Obama in turn finds it necessary to kowtow and beg forgiveness of any slight, real or imagined. Even going so far as to try and play a make-believe game that we’re really a Muslim country too. Something that might well be more insulting to a real Muslim than a amend maker.

Sure, America has many Muslims in it. Our country is open to any and all religions, but we are predominantly a Christian nation, and we were founded that way. There may be people that wish it wasn’t so, and hope to change that fact, but to say it isn’t so makes us look foolish to those that know better. And there are many people in the middle east that do know better. I’d think his words only came off even more shallow than they were to them.

Jimmy Carter once tried to appease the people of Iran when their religious ‘leaders’ created a great outcry against the Shaw of Iran by facilitating his removal. But it was Americans taken hostage as soon as he was gone. We are still to this day the great Satan there for not turning a dying old man over to them for the slaughter. That should be a lesson learned. It’s not money, power, knowledge, or prestige from us they seek. It’s blood. And that bloodlust is created, not naturally occurring. It’s preached. And those that could stop that hate from being preached do nothing.

It’s a dangerous world in which we live, and it’s a dangerous game to be playing with your opponent on his turf by his rules, and at the same time denying that the true problems don’t even exist. We can’t make-believe our way through this, nor can we accomplish anything by making accommodations to someone whose ultimate goal is to destroy us. Only a fool would try… Obama seems to be that fool.