Mislead? Do tell…

14 05 2009

It seems since early in the Bush administration, at least as we ran up to war in Iraq, many on the other side of the aisle started to openly express some disagreement with the cause and action. The reasons for that are many, even if many aren’t so valid… but some were I suppose.

However, prior to that, in the days immediately after 9/11 this country was as united as it every was. We came together against what was known to be a common enemy. A universal enemy And an enemy that had attacked us on our soil. Not in some far off location or some embassy somewhere, but right here at home. New York City. The Pentagon. A smoking field showed what was intended for somewhere else in our nations capitol. Perhaps the White House. Perhaps the Capital Building with the leadership of our nation.  We, ourselves were under attack. We knew. We understood.

Now it would seem that many memories of those dark days have gotten, shall I say, fuzzy.

This was a time when we were one – Americans. Not so much Democrat or Republican. Liberal or Conservative. But a nation. Life and Liberty seemed to be on the line. Now we seem to be a house divided.

Back in those dark days our government sought to protect its citizens. We were in virtual total agreement that we needed to do what needed to be done to assure ourselves whatever safety we could. Our intelligence services did what they could to come up with the information it needed to do so. They used what tools that they deemed necessary to do that job, for other acts were known to be planed. Other plots were afoot, other attacks were thought eminent. And they, as is their duty, informed those necessary in the leadership of our country of what they were doing.

Nancy Pelosi was one of those leaders at the time. She was informed of what was happening. Others as well. Now however her memory of it isn’t quite so clear it would seem. Now she even claims to have been mislead.

My question is this – why? During those dark days in the aftermath of 9/11, in the virtual shadow of the smoke rising from the ruins, why would there have been the necessity to mislead ANY American citizen of what needed to be done, and what we were doing, to protect ourselves from another attack? What was it about Ms. Pelosi, that made her untrustworthy in the eyes of the leaders of this country during those days? A person, so high up in the governance of this country that in the few short years afterward has risen to the position of Speaker of the House, that would have been looked upon at the time as incapable of knowing the truth about what almost universally was deemed necessary at the time. I’m baffled.

Is it forgetfulness? Or is it hatred of the past administration, and a willingness to lie to undermine what was done for the noblest of reasons? Is it politics? Or is it foot in mouth disease? What is it Ms. Pelosi? We need to know. After all you’re just a few heartbeats away from the Presidency yourself. Is there something about you we that need to know? Please, do tell…