28 04 2009
Self preservation is a natural trait with humans, but not a desirable one with a politician. When ones motivations are to serve ones own interest instead of ones constituents hasn’t that politician defrauded those very constituents that elected them in the first place?

Public service means exactly what it says – to serve the public. When you look up and discover that the people that elected you no longer agree with what you are doing, are you doing what you were elected to do by staying in that position? No. That “public” hasn’t changed, after all.

Many people go to Washington for ideas and ideals that are noble in intent. Others, it would seem, are only there to serve their own interest. They modify or change their positions not with any philosophy or core values, but for what serves their own interest best. Shame on them.

One can ponder if you had any real values all along. Or was it just a convenient ride? You talk about change, but look in life’s rear view mirror. Where were you once, and where are you now? 2+2 just doesn’t add up, unless of course it never did in the first place. Perhaps the only thing you ever really stood far was yourself. Or does that much power corrupt the values you had… and you’ve sold yourself out?

Dance with the devil if you must, but don’t go whining when you get burned by your new found friend.


Oh, and while you’re leaving, do you mind taking that McCain kid with you? Thanks. 




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