23 04 2009

I’m worried. Really. I am. You should be too.

Our last Presidential election brought us a man that said he espoused hope and change and I think everybody took that to mean that he wanted to take the country off into a new direction. I don’t have the quotes right here in front of me but in the back of my mind I seem to remember him talking about looking forward, not back.

I’m pretty sure Barack Obama has said on more than one occasion that he didn’t intend to set forth on some grand inquisition regarding the past administration. I know he said the he sees no need to hold accountable agents that worked on good faith to help guarantee the safety and security of our country, and that would be a wise thing. I hope he remains a man of his word with that.

The past administration, too, worked tirelessly to guarantee that safety and security. And since September 11th set our country on a new course to try and do so, a whole new ballgame if you will, I’m reasonably certain a mistake or two occurred along the way. I can’t think of a time in history that any countries leadership was perfect in their undertakings, and THIS undertaking was a rather large one.

Political sour grapes however seem to be the entrée of the day. Many a hurt feeling on Capitol Hill wants to see heads roll and careers tarnished over perceived affronts of the past. Affronts mostly in the mind in my opinion, but that accounts for naught.

Laying aside everything else there is a danger in establishing the precedent that all past administrations will have their time in office reviewed, not by history, but by first the political opposition, then a court of law. Where would that stop? How deep could that go?

Wouldn’t that only serve to cause this country to be set upon a course of taking the least personal risk to its leadership. A course that might well lead this country to disaster. Ungovernable, as it never possible to please all sides in all things.

But what has me downright scared, to be frank, is that we are setting ourselves up in a position that nobody is going to be willing to take a risk to protect our very country. Paralyzed to act out of fear that what they do may be frowned upon, and prosecuted by, the next power to be.

Right now at this very minute I would speculate that there are people in our intelligence services that are considering leaving for that very fact. And the possibility is real that there might well be nobody willing to replace them. When we really need them nobody will be there. And if we keep changing the rules in the middle of the game who can blame them.

Good men and women doing a hard job did things in the service of our country that needed to be done. We might not like it and we may not need to do it again, but we need to get over it and move on. The state of the world right now is perilous to say the least. They say Pakistan is in real danger of collapse. Collapse to the Taliban who far from wish us well. And the thing is Pakistan is a nuclear power.

Imagine if you will, the Taliban with ‘the’ bomb… let that sink in, for that is a real and present danger.

Is Barack Obama capable of leading this nation to confront that possibility? We can only pray that he is. We can only hope that he has surrounded himself with capable servants to help guide him. I only hope that they do what needs to be done without thought to the second guessing of some future politician.

And what will the rules be with a terrorist with a nuclear bomb and the target is us? Will we still have to make nice?







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8 05 2009

He could undo everything Bush fought for. People can say what they will about George Bush but our enemies hated and respected him, exactly what was needed at the time and now more then ever. I fear for our kids if Obama opens the doors to Hamas.

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