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30 04 2009

I don’t normally link to others in the body of my blog, but another blogger turned me on to this, and its well worth the read!


28 04 2009
Self preservation is a natural trait with humans, but not a desirable one with a politician. When ones motivations are to serve ones own interest instead of ones constituents hasn’t that politician defrauded those very constituents that elected them in the first place?

Public service means exactly what it says – to serve the public. When you look up and discover that the people that elected you no longer agree with what you are doing, are you doing what you were elected to do by staying in that position? No. That “public” hasn’t changed, after all.

Many people go to Washington for ideas and ideals that are noble in intent. Others, it would seem, are only there to serve their own interest. They modify or change their positions not with any philosophy or core values, but for what serves their own interest best. Shame on them.

One can ponder if you had any real values all along. Or was it just a convenient ride? You talk about change, but look in life’s rear view mirror. Where were you once, and where are you now? 2+2 just doesn’t add up, unless of course it never did in the first place. Perhaps the only thing you ever really stood far was yourself. Or does that much power corrupt the values you had… and you’ve sold yourself out?

Dance with the devil if you must, but don’t go whining when you get burned by your new found friend.


Oh, and while you’re leaving, do you mind taking that McCain kid with you? Thanks. 


23 04 2009

I’m worried. Really. I am. You should be too.

Our last Presidential election brought us a man that said he espoused hope and change and I think everybody took that to mean that he wanted to take the country off into a new direction. I don’t have the quotes right here in front of me but in the back of my mind I seem to remember him talking about looking forward, not back.

I’m pretty sure Barack Obama has said on more than one occasion that he didn’t intend to set forth on some grand inquisition regarding the past administration. I know he said the he sees no need to hold accountable agents that worked on good faith to help guarantee the safety and security of our country, and that would be a wise thing. I hope he remains a man of his word with that.

The past administration, too, worked tirelessly to guarantee that safety and security. And since September 11th set our country on a new course to try and do so, a whole new ballgame if you will, I’m reasonably certain a mistake or two occurred along the way. I can’t think of a time in history that any countries leadership was perfect in their undertakings, and THIS undertaking was a rather large one.

Political sour grapes however seem to be the entrée of the day. Many a hurt feeling on Capitol Hill wants to see heads roll and careers tarnished over perceived affronts of the past. Affronts mostly in the mind in my opinion, but that accounts for naught.

Laying aside everything else there is a danger in establishing the precedent that all past administrations will have their time in office reviewed, not by history, but by first the political opposition, then a court of law. Where would that stop? How deep could that go?

Wouldn’t that only serve to cause this country to be set upon a course of taking the least personal risk to its leadership. A course that might well lead this country to disaster. Ungovernable, as it never possible to please all sides in all things.

But what has me downright scared, to be frank, is that we are setting ourselves up in a position that nobody is going to be willing to take a risk to protect our very country. Paralyzed to act out of fear that what they do may be frowned upon, and prosecuted by, the next power to be.

Right now at this very minute I would speculate that there are people in our intelligence services that are considering leaving for that very fact. And the possibility is real that there might well be nobody willing to replace them. When we really need them nobody will be there. And if we keep changing the rules in the middle of the game who can blame them.

Good men and women doing a hard job did things in the service of our country that needed to be done. We might not like it and we may not need to do it again, but we need to get over it and move on. The state of the world right now is perilous to say the least. They say Pakistan is in real danger of collapse. Collapse to the Taliban who far from wish us well. And the thing is Pakistan is a nuclear power.

Imagine if you will, the Taliban with ‘the’ bomb… let that sink in, for that is a real and present danger.

Is Barack Obama capable of leading this nation to confront that possibility? We can only pray that he is. We can only hope that he has surrounded himself with capable servants to help guide him. I only hope that they do what needs to be done without thought to the second guessing of some future politician.

And what will the rules be with a terrorist with a nuclear bomb and the target is us? Will we still have to make nice?




Happy Easter!

12 04 2009

He Lives!

Christ Jesus lives today!



12 04 2009

I recently read an article that appeared in one of the nations “leading” newspapers that explored the situation with piracy off the African coast. The jest of the article focus on the growing problem and the lack of a solution to it.

The article talked about how back during the early 19th century this young nation took up the resolve to put an end to the scourge and sent its young Navy and Marines to do the job. Our Navy, along with the forces of Britain and France, finally brought and end the practice there of seizing and holding for ransom trading vessels and their crew.

The article went on to say that today times were different and that there wasn’t much that the Navies of the world could do but look on… and the vessels owners and insurers keep paying…

I say that is wrong. There are things we can and should do. First is to make the hard choice that we will act. This is something that America has not been very willing to do, for violence isn’t something that we relish. We’d rather shake a big stick then actually crack someone over the head with it. We’d much rather negotiate. Sometimes, however, head cracking speaks a lot louder than words.

Second is that we must send the message that piracy is gonna be a very dangerous game for the pirates to play. These aren’t the streets of one of our local cities and we have to forget that bit about “profiling” people and take the position that if it looks like a duck and it acts like a duck chances are pretty damn good that, off the coast of Africa, it’s a duck. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating blowing every small boat with an outboard motor and three are four guys on board out of the water; what I’m saying is that they are worth the look… and if they are – then blow them out of the water.

We have the technology via aircraft and satellite surveillance to fairly well pinpoint the ships and small craft that are being used for these purposes. Give fair warning to the population that if you are out there, and you act like it, we are gonna put our eyes on you. And if you look the part, well, you should’ve stayed home that day. Sorry.

Say something to the effect “Look guys, if we see a boat that resembles a “mothership” and its towing a bunch of smaller boats out hundreds of miles from shore, we are gonna make artificial reefs out of them.” That’s fairly clear.

Third, this is an area of the world that money talks quite well. Information is everything when you want to get things done. Enough said on that.

Forth, as we proved today, we’ve got some very good special forces that can be brought to bare here. As I mentioned to a fellow in a conversation on Twitter, sometimes the best solution to a problem of this nature is a couple of well placed .308 rounds. And it should be noted that our Navy Seals are just the folks that can make Joe Pirate feel unsafe 24/7 when used correctly just a couple of good times.

Fifth, it wouldn’t hurt a thing to throw some bait in the water and see if we can’t chum up a few incidents with some undercover vessels. Some real live bait and switch. They might not be so prone to board a small yacht or other similar vessel after finding a few of their brethren have mistakenly boarded a craft operated and manned by military personnel.

The main thing is this – are we finally getting fed up with this situation or not?

If we are it’s time we really took action instead of cruising back and forth hoping to scare away the bad guys, then doing little or nothing when they strike. Prevention is always the best defense, and to do that properly sometimes you have to be offensive.

Burying our head in the sand like the writer suggests won’t put and end to this problem, it will only make it worse. Piracy is a crime, and crime shouldn’t pay.


Thirty Days?

10 04 2009
A while back I was talking politics with a person on the left and they were making the typical excuses about what was going on with the new administration when he came up with “You haven’t given the man a chance! Y’all have been all over him from day one. Give him a break why don’t you… a chance?”

Well, my reaction was “What kind of chance did Y’ALL give Bush? Talk about being all over someone… even after 9/11 your side even criticized his waiting even a couple of minutes to leave that classroom full of kids knowing full well it took that long of the Secret Service to assess the threat and decide if it was safe to move!” And it’s true, the left hounded and derided Bush from day one about any and everything. So…

I decided, you know, he’s right. I haven’t given him a chance. I needed to sat back and look at the big picture and given him his due. I decided to give Obama thirty days. Thirty days of no blogs criticizing his actions, or foopaas, are even rookie errors that he had, and I surely knew he would make. Give the man a chance he said, so I did.

Well… times up!

This administration began it’s run for the White House based on myths, false hopes and his own personal dreams, we all knew that going in, for even Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden told us so during the campaign. And this administration has tried and tried, without success, to turn those myths and hopes into reality. FAIL

All new Presidents start out trying to fill various cabinet and administration positions with friends and associates from their past. Nothing new there. Trouble here is almost all of Obama’s friends and associates are either crooks or tax cheats, or have some other skeleton in there closet preventing them to serve. That’s the circle he ran in. But even when he’s reached across the aisle to the republicans to try and fill a position, his policies couldn’t be stomached. Obama’s had trouble from day one filling critical positions, and the nation has suffered for it in my opine.

From the get go he’s had an albatross of a Vice President that can’t seem to keep from putting a foot in his mouth on regular occasion and creating controversy out of thin air. Calling Joe Biden a blowhard is letting him off easy. He’s been caught in out and out lies more than once. Thankfully they are usually harmless pats on the back he gives himself for stuff he’s never done.

From the get go Obama himself lacked the experience and leadership qualities to put together a sound foreign policy and it has come back to haunt us. Appeasement was a blunder in the past and it serves no useful purpose now. Appeasing political allies and foreign detractors won’t gain this country anything. And if he thinks he’s gained any measure of foreign respect he’s dreaming. Chavez gloats and calls for him to come over to “his” side. Ahmadinejad thumbs his nose at him and goes on with his business of becoming a nuclear threat to the world. Kim Jong-Il huffs and puffs and launches another missile.

Hillary Clintons been no big help. Running the State Department is a long way from damage controlling her husband Bill. (And she was no big success there either) But, it IS obvious now that Obama could have done much worse.

He gives a joke for a gift to the British Prime Minister and ignores France’s Sarkozy, blowing off a trip to Normandy to pay respect to true hero’s buried there. And he bows down to the Saudi King – and yes that WAS a bow – but claims that it was because he was ‘short‘. Meanwhile he solidifies Bushes plans in Iraq and claims them as his own.

The Obama administration bumbles and stumbles through our current financial situation, trying it seems to turn it into some kind of political advantage and grab all the little trinkets and plums it can as it burns money from the next few generations of taxpayers. No regard for the consequences of their actions. And lies left and right about it all. Hopefully a lot of what they want to do to ‘fix’ the economy will get delayed long enough for it to right itself (which it surely will).

He began his term with lies, both to the left and to the right, about what his plans were. Thought many of them won’t yet admit it, he’s disappointed more than a few of his loyal, supporters on the left (for which I AM grateful, by the way) with not immediately pulling out of Iraq and such other foolishness.

He’s (I’ll be nice) fibbed about taxes. He’s fibbed about gun control. He’s fibbed about healthcare. He’s fibbed about transparency in government. He’s fibbed about a dog and a church and a whole bunch of other things too numerous to mention.

But what hurts me the most and what I’m most ashamed of him for is this need he has of apologizing to the world for our past. There is nothing to apologize for. To America the world owes much, not the other way around. The biggest failure of the past is that the world failed to follow us. With their support, which we should have had, the world would be vastly different, and vastly better. They, however, chose to side with corruption and greed. Those very leaders that criticized us chose their own pockets over right and wrong, and they owe the world an apology, not just us.

The first four months of the Obama administration has shown us his Socialist agenda. His contempt for the Constitution. His disregard for our military and our national defense. His willingness to cow down to foreign leaders. And the actual small value he has for the truth. The Honeymoon is quickly wearing off… reality is setting in. Those “tests” the Biden and everybody else was talking about have begun in earnest.

And my thirty days are up.