Off to a roaring start…

9 03 2009

…roaring with laughter.

In a world where appearances can be everything it would appear that Obama and Co. don’t have a clue. First, he can’t make up his mind on policy – saying one thing then going with another, only to revert back to the first position at the first sign of heat from his base. Then dumping that base for positions 100% different from what he staked his campaign on, leaving everybody’s head swimming. Then supporting it again…nor not. I can’t remember.

Second, he seems to be clueless when it comes to appointing both staff and cabinet members alike. If its not tax trouble its investigations, or as we’ve seem in a case or two, his appointees politics just can’t mesh up with his, causing early withdrawals.

Now, in front of the whole world (with the glaring exception of our own country’s press) he embarrasses his country and, at the least, perplexes Great Britain. Muffing maybe to date his most important international meeting of this presidency.

For longer than I can remember we’ve shared a special relationship with the British people. In fact it was well known that they were our number one ally. Someone neglected to tell Obama’s people about all that, so I guess they’ll be blaming Bush, but one would think it was kinda common knowledge. However we now find in the Obama camp that the policy is “What’s so special about Great Britain? They’re just another country, like any other.”

Of course the little press coverage that the incident did receive here at home went more to tongue in cheek posturing, with the New York Post summing up the Brit’s complaint about Obama canceling a joint news conference with the statement that a news conference had never actually been scheduled. Well, perhaps one was never “planned”, but I’d suspect that the Prime Minister was certainly expecting one. After all, that would be the norm.

Besides, we’re told, Mr. Obama is tired. It’s hard work being the King…, I mean the President!

And isn’t anybody there that would fill Obama in on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to such things as how to show proper appreciations between nations that are so close? Certainly there is someone left on staff from some prior administration that knows the etiquette of gifting! Surely there must have been something just left lying around the place that would have had more meaning that a box set of DVD’s! I’m sure the DVD’s were nice, and would have made a fine ‘extra’, but as the main event, that was tacky at best.

Models for the boys? Well, I feel sure they liked them, if they don’t already have them…

Our press hasn’t been reporting much about this but it is getting rather large play in Europe and elsewhere. All that happiness about Obama’s election there has now turned to a bit of head scratching as they try to figure out the man. They, I’m sure, are hoping its just the jitters of newness and all the turmoil that happened over the fall that has exploded since the election. And maybe it is just a failure of focus, and time will tell…, but for now we aren’t winning near the friends that Obama’s supporters had expected.

Meanwhile Hugo Chavez is offering his guidance and direction, even if Iran now questionings Obama’s motives and plans. Most of the world seems to have their head tilted, waiting to see what’s next. Me too.

I see, too, that we gave back the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that England had sent over to us after the tragedy of 9-11, …or did they ask for that back? Oh well, they did offer to knight Ted Kennedy, so there is still that.








3 responses

19 03 2009

The night B.O. was elected I remember thinking, while crying into my glass of beer, that maybe, just maybe, he would try to stand for all of America like he promised. That he would put his extreme left wing agendas aside for a while. I thought maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, that’s over! I am appalled at his narcissistic attitude of mixing reality with fiction and truth with lies. I only hope that our fellow allies around the world can forgive America for electing such a person. I personally can’t wait for “change”.

20 03 2009

Tell ya where im havin a hard time with the new regime, as a Christian God ask us to honor our leaders cause He the one who put them there so it make it hard for me as an American and conservative to know what to do or think sometimes, very tough for me. Anyone else struggle with this?

1 04 2009

I think these events are just further proof that Obama and his friends (err.. I mean his administration) don’t have the experience or the knowledge needed to be President of the United States. Of course, some of us knew that beforehand, but I’ll rather enjoy him making a bumbling idiot of himself. The interesting thing with Great Britain, is the majority of the population were also in favor of Obama as our President. Maybe they and the world will begin to see him in a new light.

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