And the crowd went wild!!!

24 02 2009
The sad part is that crowd was the democrats in congress.

Instead of putting together a package of spending and reforms that would cure the problems that were causing our economic woes, a package that would help both borrower and lender and also those that had lost money through not their own stupidity but the stupidity of others, the democrats in congress grabbed the opportunity to pour tax dollars yet uncollected into pet projects and policies that would or could never stand on there own.

Many experts (if there is really such a thing anymore) will tell you that one of the prime reasons that the republicans got creamed in the last election is because they lost their fiscal way and became big spenders. Once a party dedicated to thrifty ways and small government, they had taken to their fair share of pork barrel spending, and the voting public called them to the carpet for it. It was now the democrats that were pointing out the big budget pork projects and hollering about rising deficits.

Through the first few years of the Bush administration, which was helped along by republican control of the hollowed halls of congress, the economy had soared to record heights. Unemployment was at perhaps its lowest level ever and job growth was sky high. Real wages were up, interest rates were down, and the stock market was setting record after record after record.

Even with the tremendous costs that came with the aftermath of 9/11, the subsequent war(s) on terror AND two major hurricanes, our economy, which by all rights should have been in the tank, soared. Soared due to sound tax policy and the fundamental knowledge that in order to grow jobs you have to grow business, and to help business grow you have to know who those are you have to help – the entrepreneur and the small business man.

Somehow the fact that its those very people (the ones they keep referring to as “the rich”) are the ones that do all the job creation and all the hiring and who are already paying the vast majority of the taxes to make the government and it programs work, seems to be lost on the average democrat in Washington.

Well, after six years of listening to the democrats whine about phantom attacks on our constitution and the war in Iraq, and how Bush was somehow Hitler incarnate and Cheney was evil because he once ran a huge company that employed thousands of Americans and it was somehow bad that that company had gotten government contracts that put and kept thousands of Americans working instead of German and French competitors, the voting public bought the bull and put the democrats in control of congress. And…, here we are, two years later.

Barack Obama is now president and one could say that he inherited the problems he faces. Thing is its with who he really inherited these problems from…

Oh, now I’m not going to sit here and say George W. Bush is blameless in this sorry affair, for he made his share of boo-boo’s. But the underlying cause of most of the problems we now face can easily be traced right back to the democrats and there policies of fiscal irresponsibility.

What goes up will always come down, that’s kind of a given fact that even an elementary school student should know. The system of providing loans for people that couldn’t really afford those loans depended on a market the would never fall. Well, it fell. That policy was put in place by the democrats and supported and even pushed by Obama even before he was in government through his work as a lawyer, fighting to expand the programs that pushed that agenda. Now those people he fought for suffer because of his success.

True, Bush was president when it all came crashing down, so naturally the finger gets pointed in his direction. Truth is, however, Bush was one of the first to point out the coming problems and try to do something about it. In the first days of his first term he warned that this day may well come. Nobody listened. The democrats even scoffed at those warnings.

What they said was this country needed some stimulus. Something to get everything moving again. First Wall Street. It had to be saved from imploding. So, even before Bush left office, a package of monetary ‘viagra’ was popped open. Billions of dollars to cover the economy crapping out.

Where’d that money go? The economy still tanked.

Well, Mr. Obama took over. “Help me, help me!” cried the economy. Like a knight in shining armor he and the democrats came rushing to the rescue.

All of a sudden the democrats in congress took a look around and saw that here they were, like a big kid, standing all alone in the candy store. It was too good to be true. They looked around and said, “Ah shucks, the American people, they don’t really care about pork barrel spending.” And like I said, the crowd went wild.

The package they put together was nothing short of rape. A spending orgy of victor’s grabbing the spoils they’d lusted after so very long. Spending on projects and programs that under more scrutinous times would have never been able to stand on their own two feet. Spending the hard earned tax dollars of our children’s children, if not our children’s children’s children.

Now they even want to send 900 million of our hard earned tax dollars to help rebuild Gaza, that only got destroyed because of the actions of Hamas, who still won’t renounce the actions that lead to the destruction. A Gaza that may well be destroyed again if Hamas won’t come to reason.

Why should one red cent of our money go to Gaza?

Now, don’t think for a minute that I don’t know that Israel has made mistakes along the way. Nobody’s perfect and neither is Israel, but what they’ve done has come as a reaction to years of threat, harassment, and terrorism. Hindsight is 20/20, but what happened in Gaza any fool should have known was coming. Let those people that supported Hamas fund the rebuilding. They are as much to blame as anybody.

The democrats had a golden opportunity to create a real package of new policies and provide some real relief to the multitudes that suffered under the economies downturn. And yes, government was proper in coming to the rescue of some of these brokers and banks because it was government policy that created this monster in the first place. But they didn’t. That crowd…, well, they just went wild. And once again, as is the usual case, those people that they claim to care about the most will be the ones to suffer the most.







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