Future Farmers of America

24 01 2009

You reap what you sow… who’s farming our fields now?

Some people look at life as if it is an orchard for them to harvest from. These people view the world as it being strictly for their benefit and use. These people are takers, out for what they can get.
Some people look at their lives as if they were a fruit tree, and try to offer themselves as nutritious gift to the world. Thinking that the reward is in the giving, for we are often told it is better to give than receive.

Yet some people go through life as just a weed, growing on the side of the road. Any fruit bared taken by whoever whenever. Or trampled away by life itself. Too often they are content to sit with their hand out, only using what is given and never giving anything in return.

Some don’t even care. They are often bitter at the world and waste away, mad that their life wasn’t better, but unwilling to make any effort to make it so.

Are we givers, or takers, or just don’t care?

I think as conservatives we must plant good seeds and tend them wisely so they bare good fruit. Not take liberally of whatever’s available. If we are wise and work our reward will be in sharing the harvest in it’s own time.

One can take away until nothing is left to take. And without the planters of good seeds there is no future harvest. Stealing away the harvest from those that tilled and sewed only leads to a future of want. It frustrates the good heart and causes it to lose the desire to plant the required amount. Soon little seed is left for growth and harvest in the future.

I think congress is beginning to harvest what hasn’t been planted, and in doing so they are taking the good seed and leaving nothing to sow.

It would be wise to think about the future and protect the seed that assures a harvest yet to come.









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25 01 2009

Big Al, I just happened upon your site, and love this article! I will definitely be back for more.

As far as the article, I totally agree. Everyone always says “We have to make this a better place for our children and grandchildren”, etc. But the reality is there are a lot of selfish people who want to reap the benefits today even if it means putting future generations at a disadvantage. Many people believe that the status of our country now (economy, global warming, etc.) are the direct result of things that happened two, five, even ten years ago. Most people want to point their finger at the Bush Administration for our faltered economy, but the truth is, it was a long time coming! If people don’t like the way our country or even world is headed, well quit being a weed and start caring (as you say).


25 01 2009

Sadly many of the various weed variety could not understand this simple fact.

25 01 2009

They are indeed raping the fields of prosperity. Great article.

25 01 2009
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26 01 2009
J David

If the levees are untended/unmaintained, whatever crop, good or ill, that may have been planted will be irrelevant, as the farmer, his field, and even the good soil itself will be washed away… We are there.

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