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14 01 2009

I have a question and this is just a question, Sparkle, Eagle whomever can feel free to answer.

If we are anti-government intervention in terms of welfare, who will take care of the children of people who don’t have enough money to take care of themselves. Does the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) just prevent abortion from happening or does it take the money it has and support the families after protecting them from having abortions.

This always confuses me about the rightwings’ approach to welfare.
Titus Adronicus via RightWingSparkle blog comments


Titus Adrondicus, you should note that it was the churches that were the first to establish charities and take care of children, families, the sick, and the poor. It was the church that first created hospitals. It was the church that developed schools along with a educational system. It’s churches that are typically the first to respond in a disaster. It usually the church that sends the first aid in the form of medicine and healthcare. It’s almost always the church that collects food for the hungry, or distributes clothes, or provides beds for the homeless. Remember what the C in YMCA stands for, or YWCA. The Salvation Army. But, it’s not just Christians, but ‘religions’ in general that are the first to step up to the plate whenever need arises.

The rightwings “approach” to welfare is that it is the responsibility of “the people” to take care of the people first. Governments hands are usually tied by procedures and policies, where a private organization usually is open to providing needs as they come, not as they fit into categories. Therefore it is better for those people in need to have private help. Certainly sometimes public support is needed, but most often those needs can be filled better, cheaper, and more quickly via charity. That’s why you see the right advocating government directing there support through private groups AND advocating inclusion of “faith based” groups receiving that support. After all, they are usually the experts.

Too often when government becomes involved we see needs become institutionalized, and by that we see needed help become handouts instead of handups. They don’t call it Welfare Addiction for nothing.

As far as abortion is concerned, and that is a great example, most churches that are involved with supporting and counseling women with unwanted pregnancies tend to try to council toward adoption if keeping the child isn’t viable. There are “homes” for unwed mothers run by many churches, and there are many children’s homes for kids without parents that are also church related or run. There are several church groups dedicated to supporting and helping women that choose life. And there is even counseling available for those that don’t. The government, via orgs like Planned Parenthood, tends to opt toward abortion, then if that isn’t the chosen option they with put up a bit of money for healthcare and such… but they tend to press for abortion as a less costly out, and sometimes as the “best” option. By doing so they have tended to make abortion just another form of birthcontrol. And that’s all the while attacking churches and other groups that advocate abstinence as some kind of abnormal affront to a females womanhood. To put all that in a left vs. right format one could say the left advocates (protected) sex as a humanistic right and advocates abortion when “mistakes“ occur, while the right tends to view sex as something a bit more special, seeing it as something a bit more personal between people and advocating life when a unwanted pregnancy happens.

This coming Saturday my church will be building a wheelchair ramp for a 16 year old boy that was shot in a drive-by shooting and is now a quad. We just got word of the need. If it were left to the government to provide for this need, how many applications would need to be filled out and reviewed, how long would it take to survey, plan, design, advertise for bids, and then contract this job out? Surely more than a week. And on top of that I’d bet it would cost several times more.





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