War, yes it IS hell…

5 01 2009

When we ground our way up Italy and swarmed ashore and drove across Belgium, France, and Germany during World War Two, cities were pulverized and there were massive amounts of casualties, both civilian and soldier. We didn’t stop because of that destruction or those deaths. We pushed forward. Why? Because we couldn’t end it there. They weren’t prepared to accept defeat, and defeated they must be. War is a horrible thing. But sometimes one finds oneself at war.

Israel finds itself at war. Like us during WW2 they didn’t make this war happen. No. It’s a culmination of years of constant and almost unceasing attack by an enemy that doesn’t want peace. Doesn’t want to live and let live. Israel’s enemies want Israel destroyed. Israel has tried to make peace numerous times, only to be met with betrayal and rockets and bombs raining down upon them.

For years all I can remember is bombs going off on buses or in restaurants or nightclubs. Bombs meant to kill Israelis. Bombs meant to kill Israeli civilians, not soldiers. Bombs meant to kill women and children and old people. Bombs meant to send a shiver of terror and mistrust up Israel’s spine.

I remember a helicopter full of Israeli athletes and grenades tossed inside. I remember seeing remains being scraped from walls and ceilings. City Buses turned inside out. I remember seeing weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and torn cloth. What I don’t remember is the press and the rest of the world running to protest. I don’t remember a loud cry to stop with the violence.

Sure, they was an effort to stop the killing. There were the demands for concessions and appeasement. Plans and maps and talk about give and take. Mostly just a bunch of talk. Talk. More talk.

No one in their right mind can say that Israel hasn’t made an honest effort to make peace in the Middle East. They’ve given up land that was won on the battlefield, land that added to their safety and security, in order to bring about peace. They’ve struggled internally with some of their own people that thought that they went too far, trying to buy peace with their neighbor. Perhaps they did. They don’t seen to have gotten their moneys worth.

Now that push has come to shove Israel seeks to end the constant bombardment of rockets that rain down from Gaza. Rockets, not from some army sent against army, but rockets fired from schoolyards and apartment complexes and hospital grounds, aimed randomly toward Israeli population centers. Indiscriminate rockets meant to kill whomever wherever. The world protests.

The world protests Israel. Israel who only seeks to stop the attacks it faces each and every day from an enemy that has vowed to destroy it.

But where were those protests when those rockets rained down? Where is the world crying out against Hamas for sending those rockets toward Israel’s children? Rockets falling on innocent Israelis… Who, or where is that protest? Other than the idle word or two.

Yes Israel is big and strong and has a mighty army to send. And yes people will die. But where were those that would point that out to Hamas as they launched those rockets. Who was it that warned Hamas that it was going too far. Those are the ones that should have shame here. Those are the ones that are truly at fault. The voices should have rose up long ago to Hamas, DON’T! You’re only bringing destruction and death to yourself.

Now that Israel has decided to act, or react as it were, I hope they are deft to the voices that cry out. I hope that they end this once and for all. I hope that is possible, for otherwise it will be back to the same old tired game of violence and terror.

The sad truth is that this could have been settled long long ago. Years ago a homeland for Israel could have coexisted alongside a homeland for the Palestinians. But there were those that wouldn’t allow peace. Those people weren’t stupid, they knew that Israel was here to stay, not going anywhere. But those “leaders” kept blood boiling and hatred high in order to hold power and prestige in that world. They use the hate of Israel and the Jews to keep a hold over their own people. These deaths are on their hands.

Now there may just be smoking ruins for a Palestinian homeland, and if Israel has any sense that’s perhaps what it should be. Israel should completely finish the job this time, not bow to pressure from the outside and pull back, only to have it all start again from square one.

Israel should do enough damage to Gaza that whenever a Palestinian woman sees a young Palestinian man wanting to do an act of terror against ANYONE that she will take up a frying pan and go up beside his head with a loud cry of “No More!!!” As sexist as that sounds that’s probably gonna be what it takes to really stop all this. For the women there to decided that they want peace for there children. That they want peace for there families. That they want peace for themselves. No more war.

Some say the Israel wins if it can carve out a bit more security. Maybe bring in some peacekeepers and such. Punish Hamas then pull back out. Others say Hamas wins if it just survives to fight another day. With either of those there is no real winner, just more of the same, inevitably.

1948 is long gone. The future lies ahead. Me? I think we need to shut up and give peace a chance. War is hell. The enemy needs to be defeated.





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