Roadmap? To where?

1 01 2009

The world, as usual, rally’s to the support of the Palestinian. Now too, it would seem, more and more liberals are taking up their cause.

I have nothing against the Palestinian people. Some of what they cry out about is legitimate. They have lived there generation upon generation, and they rightfully have a home there, but so does Israel. The Israeli’s too have a history and a home there.

The Palestinians, however, have been sold out by their leaders. Sold out by those that knew well that Israel wasn’t going away and a peaceful solution should be sought and won. A Palestinian homeland could have been established years ago. The two could have long ago co-existed and mutually benefited from each other. No, there were those that wouldn’t allow it, and used the issue for power and prestige.

The Arab world has also used the Israeli and Palestinian conflict to there own internal benefit as a way to rally support among their own people and as leverage with the west. They sought no real solution to the problem, for it was via that problem that they could raise their voice in the world. They still to this day use it as a rallying cry, even though there is little to link themselves with the Palestinians. Islam? No. For where are the big marches and rallys for the other ‘oppressed’ Muslims of Africa and elsewhere? It is only there in the Middle East that draws the crowd.

Israel wouldn’t need an army, they wouldn’t need to put up barriers, they wouldn’t have to build walls, and no Palestinian would suffer wounds or death, except for one thing – Israel is constantly under attack. Israel isn’t the aggressor here, Hamas is. Israel wants nothing more than peace, if it wasn’t so they would have used their might to squash Hamas or the PLO or whoever else long ago. Israel HAS given peace a chance. The other side wants no peace, they seek Israeli death and destruction. The fault, the TOTAL fault, lies with those that seek to harm Israel. Israel only seeks to protect itself from harm. Those that point an accusing finger toward Israel only perpetuate hate, death, and destruction. They are fools.

Every time peace has been at hand, every time a solution seems right around the corner, the process is undermined. By who? The Palestinian’s themselves. Why is there not a world wide condemnation of that? Instead they point the finger at ‘the Jews’.






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1 01 2009

Happy New Year!

2 01 2009
Steve Burri

That’s a very good assessment, Swampthang! I just can’t help but think that the ease with which Islam can be turned through theological exegesis into vile aggressors (and/or silent majority supporters) leaves the blame far beyond groups like Hamas.

2 01 2009
Steve Burri


I was able to read several of your posts and really enjoyed them. Like it or not, I’ll be back. Thank (or blame) Conservative Grapevine for recommending you.

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