The Economic Downturn?

6 12 2008
I know it’s there… somewhere. I read it in the papers and see the reports on television. All the layoffs (always at the holidays!!!), the huge numbers of layoffs! So I know good and well that bad times are upon us. It must be true. I believe…, it has to be true.

The last two weekends I did a somewhat (a whole lot) unscientific poll. In fact you might want to call it a search. I’ve looked at Wal-Mart and Fred’s and the local grocery store. Today I searched Jackson Mississippi over. It wasn’t at the Bass Pro Shop, that’s for sure. Not at Target. Couldn’t find it at Belk’s. It was hidden well in the parking lot at the Mall I guess, for if it was there you sure couldn’t see any sign of it. Kirkland’s… not there. Gamestop? Nope. Best Buy…it wasn’t there either. Not to be seen on the highway, coming or going.

Yep, for over a week I’ve looked and looked for any sign of an bad economy, and I sure couldn’t see it…, though it HAS to be there.

I’ve always said this part of the country runs a bit behind the rest of the country, so I guess it just hasn’t hit home around these parts yet. But we’ll survive it, probably better than most. We’re used to hard times. Bad economy is kind’s status quo around here.






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9 12 2008

Yo big Al,
I need apic of you for the Christmas Card.
Deer Camp Blog

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