If you can’t blind them…

2 12 2008

Somebody somewhere once said something to the effect of “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” Somebody somewhere else, having fallen short on the brilliant side of things, decided to take a shot at the baffle’em tact. Thus modern liberalism was born.

Well, not really liberalism, that’s been around for a while, popping it’s head up from as way far back as stupid people have existed. More liberal activism. The modern art of verbalizing the liberal agenda and pushing toward its goals via its message, even if you have to make a good chunk of that message up as you go.

One doesn’t have to go back very far to find liberals distorting good message and thought and formulating their own meaning. This sometimes leave conservative scratching their heads. Take JFK’s famous command to his countrymen, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Well spoken words indeed. They took those famed words and.. did just the opposite.

Okay, okay, that’s not entirely true either. You got me. Many people thought that was a call to serve ones fellow man through a little something we now call entitlements. The thought occurred that there is some base level at which we should be provided for without actually having to earn what’s provided. Ah, the birth of the social worker! Johnson’s “Great Society”… or more apt, socialism, American style.

But there were that certain multitude that was quite content to sit themselves down and reach their hand out. Asking that this country “do” for them what they would not do for themselves, they were the social ‘progressives‘ natural constituency.

And being beholding to those that did the most handing out (and too lazy or unmotivated to get themselves educated) they were a constituency that was easily led. A ready supply of votes at that. A marriage made in…, well, surely not Heaven. The starry eyed do-gooder and the gleefully expectant masses that felt entitled, or owed for their awkward position in life.

People have been wronged throughout history. My own great great great Grandfather was supposed to be a runaway indentured servant, who came to this great land as a stowaway. However, he took his lot in life and turned it into a future. Didn’t seek any reparation for his plight early in his life. People such as he made this country. It did not make him.

Jumping back now through time and space lets take a look see at when this baffle’em concept really took off. Sure, it had existed beforehand, but it really took off when the Twin Tower’s came down, which I find somewhat shocking.

Sure, political innuendo as a tool goes back a good ways. Example: Conservatives led by Newt Gingrich went out and sought out what it was American’s wanted from their government and its leaders. The ‘Contract With America’ was born. Soon however, its image was tarnished when the liberals (say it with me – democrats) started telling us it wasn’t at all what we really wanted, and in fact we wouldn’t benefit at all from that sort of silly old thing. After all, who knew best? Us, or professional do-gooders? They called it “Contract ON America“… We believed them. So much for what WE wanted…

9-11. The response and leadership that George W. Bush showed in the aftermath of those horrible events of that September day briefly brought this country together. We were one as a nation and a people. Black, white, yellow, red, green, pink…,whatever. Songs were sung and flags were waved. We were proud to be an American… you know how the rest of the song goes.

Somebody, somewhere, took a look at those high approval numbers and the patriotism and the united feelings that flowed forth and said that “Geeez, it’ll be a cold day before we win another election… unless… we do something.” Something was done.

It started with an almost whispered point to other fellow liberals. “You know, he stayed in that classroom far too long. Seven minutes… nine minutes… whatever. It was too long. It MUST show some indecisiveness on Bush’s behalf.” “Yeah, your right, it must show that he didn’t know what he was doing…” Next thing you know we were hearing those off the cuff and off the record accusations that Bush could have prevented it all if he’d done this or listened to that, and even he might have even planned the damn thing himself. Absurd as those arguments were, they were made. And the gullible heard.

And now you can sit and point to a litany of things that Bush has been accused of, none of which hold water. From the war against Iraq being about grabbing their oil to it being due to Saddam trying to have Bush Sr. killed. Seldom does a liberal mention anything about the threat we felt after seeing those towers come down. Seldom do you hear the first quote from the Clinton administration about Iraq have weapons of mass destruction… Somehow Madeline Albrights warning that Iraq was the gravest danger we faced doesn‘t get quoted so much. That most of that intel came from Clinton’s…, oh well.

And when Katrina came along the fact that it was the largest and most destructive natural act this country had ever seen gave way to the fact that Bush didn’t drop everything and fly right into New Orleans International. Never mind that things were kind’a busy and he’d been a huge distraction if he had.

People love to point out all the faults of “Brownie” (Michael Brown, just so we’re clear), yet can’t quite come to terms that FEMA was more of a accounting agency, not a Calvary. And that the main failures lay in the state and city failing in their responsibilities, not the feds. It HAD to somehow all be Bush’s fault… after all. Rumor was that Bush somehow sneaked into New Orleans during the height of the storm and blew up the levees. Yep, baffling isn’t it.

And even though George W. Bush started his administration with a plan to lift minorities and the disadvantaged through a real effort to get them a real education and not just pay lip service to the need, we are more apt to hear that Bush cares nothing about the poor, the disadvantaged, and the minorities of this country. (And please don’t tell anyone about all the money Bush poured into the fight against AIDS and other diseases in Africa. That wouldn’t be politically, how do you say, expedient).

And we certainly don’t hear through the political noise that Bush practically started his administration off with a call to make more efforts at diversifying our sources of energy. What we DO hear is that he’s an ‘Oil Man’, so we think, naturally, he caused the huge jump in prices. Funny thing is, if we’d have listened to him there probably wouldn’t have been a big jump in prices.

Now we hear the steady drumbeat of our current economic crisis all being the fault of, you guessed it, George Bush. But there again reality and what we hear are two entirely different things. Seventeen times at least Bush warned us that this was coming. We didn’t listen. We’d rather hear from those whose actual fault it is put the blame on Bush… cause that’s what we’ve grown accustomed to. And it’s gotten sooo easy.

To say the liberal agenda isn’t driven by grandiose pronouncements and dire warnings, which are more scare tactics than anything, ignores the obvious. It’s no wonder many people are shaking in their boots about the state of the world; liberals constantly run around yelling BOO all the time. Pointing fingers and telling of grave consequences if we don’t do this or that… this or that always being their way.

Global Warming. A perfect example. The world is coming to an end if we don’t change our ways and do what they say. Never mind that the earth has actually cooled over the last ten years and the hottest year on record wasn’t 1998 as they reported, but actually 1934. Honest statistics don’t further the cause. There are ‘programs’ at stake. So they like to baffle you with the bull.

Their message really all boils down to this – There is a boogie man behind that tree and if you don’t do what they say he’d gonna jump out and get you.

Here’s a good quote that I think puts into perspective what liberals will say in order to make you believe and behave the way they wish. It’s Hillary Clinton, trying to win the confidence of Southern, God fearing, church folk: “I always take time to worship in an evangelical a way as is feasible, given time and location constraints. As you know I consider myself an evangelical Christian, really a Christian conservative, if you want to know the truth, so it’s nice to be home again in the south, which I really consider my quote-unquote home even though I live in New York most of the time. Well, Washington, D.C., most of the time actually, but if I’m not there I’m in New York, of course, but always thinking about being here, in the South, my spiritual home, where I share so many wonderful evangelical… moments and… events.”

See, liberals love the ability to spread propaganda, and they have a selection of tools they use to do so – the Press, Hollywood, neo-Marxist college “intellectuals”, and a little something else. It’s call Political Correctness. Which brings me to another quote that fits, and ends, this missive quite well: “Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”








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4 12 2008
Lagniappe's Guy

Excellent article on all levels. Should be required reading anywhere that two or more Liberals gather.

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