11-11-08 Veteran’s Day

11 11 2008

Thank You

Your sense of Duty, your Honor, your Sacrifice. How can one put into words what you have done for us means to us. For when all is said and done it is you who are why we are. Faith, hope, and the law of man are entrusted to you. We ask so much, and too often give so little in return…

All too soon many of whom we honor today will be celebrated on another day, for many of our finest, no, the worlds finest, are now aging and disappearing from our side. That best generation of men and women is soon to be gone. But let us not forget the many others that are still here. Many of whom we don’t honor nearly enough for the terrible sacrifices they’ve made. Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Panama, Granada, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, just to name some of those places were they have served us so well. And also, lets not forget, right here at home.

Thank you.





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