Obama’s future struggles…

6 11 2008

Obama’s popularity didn’t come from any accomplishment or great record of service, he just announced himself the agent of “change” at a time when people were ready for a change. He was “fresh” and “new”, at least as far as the general public was concerned, and America was more than ready to accept an African-American as President. He was able to more or less keep his actual record from becoming a factor during the campaign to people that mattered – the masses. And he had a willing press that sought to make an impact of their own into politics in this country. Now that he’s elected will all that come to matter? Will that stealthiest that was his campaign come back to haunt him? The position he finds himself now with all that only time will tell…, but I suspect that it will. The press, after all, loves a good story, and there is all this stuff that makes good press still out there.


So, he isn’t in a real good position going into these next four years as it is, and with the policies he’s verbalized during the campaign if he actually tries to implement them look for a huge uproar, even from his own constituency… we weren’t too happy with $5 gas, and he’s said he’d like to see it on par with Europe ($8-$10). He’s said flat out that his energy policy will add huge costs to our utility bills, and that will go over like a lead balloon once those bills come in. If he raises taxes you can kiss any possible job growth goodbye, and he says he’s raising taxes… He wants to cut our military, and we still face grave threats around the world… He wants to share our wealth with those ‘have nots’ around the world, and we all remember back to the days of massive foreign aid and how we felt about that… Plus he has all the illegal’s and those wishing to come here expecting a free pass, and we know the uproar that has caused in the past, so whichever way he rolls on that somebody ain’t gonna be happy…


Nope, he’s not in a very good position going into the game… time will tell.






3 responses

8 11 2008

We’re fucked no matter which way he goes…

14 11 2008
Bob Staggs

We Have Probably Seen Our LAST Free Election In The USA.

14 11 2008
Bob Staggs

Becky, I Agree With The Way You Put It, But Could You Be More Succinct.

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